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The FDA Pumps the Brakes

A helpful reader sent me this article yesterday. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/20/science/covid-booster-FDA.html A few days ago the FDA declined to approve booster jabs for anyone under 65.  Most of the articles written in the main stream media explained that the FDA thought it was simply too soon.  They did not want to take the focus off getting the […]

Government Enforced Medical Neglect Kills more than the Virus

A few days ago I posted part of an interview of Dr. Ryan Cole.  In the snippet that I posted Dr. Cole was discussing how the COVID jabs are suppressing natural immunity.  This is already leading to increased infections and even cancer.  A friend of mine found the entire 30 minute interview and sent it […]

When will Canadians wake up and smell the Vaccine Failure?

In the following Video Ron DeSantis is answering a question about President Biden’s vaccine mandate.  During his answer he points out something that I discussed over a week ago.   Now that almost everyone is vaccinated the US has 300% more COVID cases.  This is a happening in every heavily vaccinated country in the world.  […]

Western Governments are Culling the Herd

I pulled this video from Ivor Cummins twitter feed.  It illustrates the insanity of the current vaccine debate.   Der ist einfach nur gut ?#logisch pic.twitter.com/lyrHJ6R40E — Gedichte aus der Zukunft (@GedadZu) September 18, 2021 This fellow was able to see the humor in the vaccine mandates but unfortunately at this point it is gallows […]

COVID Vaccines could be the largest Crime in History

I wish I did not have to say I told you so, but here it is. Pfizer and Moderna say COVID-19 vaccine protection wanes after six to eight months (msn.com) For months I have been telling people that the way the jabs work there is no way that they are not temporary.  Pfizer and Moderna […]

Mandating Jabs is Murder

There have been 2 main approaches to COVID.  Wealthy countries opted for Tyranny and Jabs.  Poor countries opted for freedom and Ivermectin.  The plot below shows how well Tyranny has worked. Tyranny and Jabs have produced nearly 3 times as many deaths.  If India had not stopped using Ivermectin that multiple would have been closer […]

Israel and England prove ADE Increases COVID cases by 25 to 30%

A friend of mine saw my recent post on ADE in England.  He took the time to look at the most recent data in Israel.  This is what he got. The plot looks very similar to the one I produced for England with one notable exception.  For England vaccinated under 40 were still protected.  I […]

Jason Kenney is Evil and Alberta’s Worst Mistake

Jason Kenney always tells us he does not want to do something evil right before he does something evil.  He was up to his old tricks again yesterday.  After repeatedly telling us he would not institute vaccine passports because they were illegal in Canada, Jason instituted a vaccine passport. Jason does not call it a […]

Alberta’s Brain Injured CMO is not done Injuring Us

The most dangerous woman in Alberta is up to her old tricks. You can read the article here. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/deena-hinshaw-covid-alberta-fourth-wave-1.6175012 Deena Hinshaw wants you to believe removing the restrictions on July 1st led us to the problems in mid-September.  Sorry Deena but the dates just don’t work.  The % positivity in Alberta started to increase on […]