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Will we Slumber until Death?

I found some interesting data out of England this morning. This is just another plot showing how the jabs make you more likely to get COVID.  In the same report they also had this plot. This plot shows vaccinated people are being admitted to hospitals less than unvaccinated.  People point to this and say that […]

Jabs and Lockdowns are part of the Same Strategy

I was following some links this morning and I found this video.  I do not know who this doctor is but he presents pre and post jab blood work for one of his patients.  The Blood work shows that post Jab his immune system has been compromised and his body is dealing with tissue damage. […]

Destroying Young Minds, one Virtual Lecture at a Time

Anthony Fauci just delivered a virtual lecture to the students of McGill University in Canada.  There was one very important message the high priest of COVID had for these students.   Dr. Fauci's message for Canadians opposed to COVID vaccine mandates and passports: "there comes a time when you do have to give up what […]

The only thing the Jabs do effectively is Kill

I found this new study on vaccine effectiveness. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10654-021-00808-7 The Researchers tried to correlate vaccination rates with new COVID infections.  If the vaccines work there should be lower infection rates in highly vaccinated countries.  At some point you should see the percentage necessary for herd immunity.  Countries that reach herd immunity levels should have near […]

Spartacus Implicates Fauci and Moderna

There is an anonymous letter going around the internet.  The author calls it his Spartacus letter but it is not.  The whole point of “I am Spartacus” is people willing to take punishment to do what is right.  An anonymous letter hardly qualifies. Despite not really being a Spartacus moment the letter can stand on […]

COVID 19 is a Criminal Conspiracy and Fauci is in the Middle of it.

When COVID started a few scientists stepped forward and offered their opinion that the virus was manmade.  This caused an immediate reaction.  If the virus was manmade then this whole thing was a criminal conspiracy.  An investigation should have been opened.  Instead all that happened was Anthony Fauci started working the Phone.  The high priest […]

When Bribes don’t work all that is left is Threats.

From the beginning of this my wife has been saying this makes no sense.  In her words people have either been bribed or threatened.  We saw in Australia that politicians were bribed.  But you can’t bribe everyone.  What is the point if 100% of your profits go towards bribes?  You need to only bribe those […]

Has the Other Shoe just Dropped?

One thing that has really bothered me lately is that many of the world “leaders” are behaving like they will never need to seek re-election.  Take Jason Kenney in Alberta, 2 years ago he won a huge majority with 55% of the popular vote.  He got nearly twice as many votes as his nearest rival.  […]