In Davos it is not just Egos that get Stroked

Davos is full of Prostitutes; some of them are even sex workers.

The annual WEF Davos meeting went unnoticed for a very long time but now since the COVID lockdowns it is receiving a lot of attention.  Critics of the organization claim that it is a group of elitists plotting the destruction of western society.  WEF supporters claim it is just a marketplace of ideas and the tin foil hat crowd is seeing conspiracies where none exist.

Place me in the tin foil hat crowd.  If Davos was an innocent marketplace of ideas why do Biden, Macron, Trudeau, Biden, and Rutte scurry home to implement every single WEF talking point?  Don’t they disagree with any of the ideas discussed?  Why does a marketplace of ideas attract these men who have never had an original idea in their life?

In a previous post I discussed one thing that makes Davos so effective.  It is a mutual admiration society.  All the simpletons get together and stroke each other’s egos.  Shallow narcissists like Justin Trudeau live for this kind of attention.   But, if you want to continue receiving the unearned praise, you must walk the talk.  To stay in the club must enact all the stupid ideas that are discussed.

But is stroking egos enough to get the 100% compliance we see?  I doubt it, and so apparently does Klaus Schwab.  Klaus has a backup plan that is 100% effective; blackmail.  You see the only thing at Davos more plentiful than bad ideas and large fragile egos is prostitutes.


According to an article in the Daily Mail, the demand for sex workers goes through the roof when the elites gather in Davos every year. Because nothing shows someone’s commitment to creating a better world than flying in prostitutes. Yep, human trafficking. Nothing sketchy about that.

Think about this for a minute.  The Davos conference is one of the most highly guarded events in the world.  The conference venue and hotels are guarded by thousands of Swiss soldiers.  The security is so tight it is difficult for uninvited independent journalists to even get close to a delegate.  So why are the prostitutes able to circulate freely among the delegates?

This is the oldest game in the book and it works because the people who enter politics are not the best and the brightest.  Hunter Biden and Eric Swalwell both repeatedly had sex with Chinese spies.  Let’s be blunt, politicians are dimwitted and morally bankrupt.  They are easy targets for prostitutes and blackmail.  Klaus leaves nothing to chance.