The Jabs made everything worse

Incredibly the only approved treatment for COVID not only did not work it increased the number of people who got COVID.  Canadians were told everyone must take the jabs.  If we did not our hospitals would be overrun with COVID patients.  So more than 80% of Canadians ran out and took multiple shots.  Now our hospitals are overrun with COVID patients even in the summer when very few people should struggle with respiratory illnesses.

Truth is stranger than fiction.  It is also the exact opposite of what the government tells you.  The jabs did not end the pandemic or protect the hospitals.  Hospitals now deal with as many COVID cases in the summer as the previously dealt with in the winter.  The Jabs erased the seasonality of COVID.  It is almost like giving everyone a treatment that suppresses immune function was not a good idea.

The best way to get COVID is to keep taking Jabs, it is also the best way to die suddenly.

Ireland had almost no problem with COVID.  For some bizarre reason they decided to jab everyone to protect them from a disease that almost no one had a problem with.  Now Irishmen are dropping like flies, or professional athletes if you prefer.

The COVID Jabs are the largest crime in history.  The criminals have gotten away with it up until now but that is changing.  Too many people are dying which does not bother the government at all.  What bothers the government is that too many people are starting to notice.  The awareness is changing so the narrative must change.


I would like to laugh at this but I know too many people will buy this nonsense.  Warm weather is now killing you or your long COVID.  I feel compelled to point out that cold weather kills nearly 10 times more people than hot weather and long COVID is a COVID Jab injury.  Not surprisingly then un-jabbed people are not dying of either climate change or long COVID.  Quite a coincidence don’t you think?


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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    I know of over a dozen vaxxed friends and family that have developed very serious unusual health problems or have died (6) in the last two years. I know of no unjabbed who have died in the last few years. Probably just a coincidence.


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