My Hierarchy of forgiveness

The topic of forgiveness has come up in the media again.  This time it was Joe Rogan.


Joe Rogan does make a valid point.  We do need to move on from COVID and that will require forgiving a lot of people but I am not in favor of blanket forgiveness.  I much prefer Adam Carolla’s approach that forgiveness should be targeted and conditional.


Blanket forgiveness will not work because it will ensure this will happen again.  More mandates, more lockdowns, more masks, and more stupidity.  If the truly guilty are not punished they will do it again.  Why wouldn’t they?  The last 3 years has been very financially lucrative for them.

So given that forgiveness is inevitable but blanket forgiveness is impossible this is how I intend to dole out forgiveness.  The conditions of my forgiveness escalate with the severity of guilt.  Everyone seeking forgiveness is guilty but in my mind you can put them in groups based on level of guilt.  Starting from the least guilty and moving to the extremely guilty this is how I see it.

The Sheeple

This is the go along to get along crowd.  This is the largest group and they are guilty of nothing more than cooperation.  Had they refused to cooperate none of this could have happened.  But they did cooperate and our economy was destroyed while we were funneled towards the great reset.

To this group I say I have forgiven you already.  Being stupid or gullible is not a crime and you cannot help being who you are.  You lost the genetic lottery.  God did not gift you the ability to think critically or independently.  In legal terms you are not mentally competent to stand trial.  You lack the capacity to understand your crime.

The Useful Idiots

This is a small but influential group.  These are the people that called for more restrictions, reported their neighbors, and tackled maskless shoppers.  Useful idiots officially have no power or authority but don’t tell them that.  They believe their moral authority transcends legal authority and individual rights.  They are the reason we pay carbon taxes and your kids could not go to school.  Government relies on these aggressive morons to keep the sheeple in check.

This group must have conditions on their forgiveness.  I will forgive any useful Idiot who apologizes and vows never to speak or act out publically again for any reason.  They have done enough damage.  I will not forgive them without a pledge to shut the hell up and go away.

The “I was only following orders crowd”

This group includes police and health officials who chose to follow government edicts rather than the constitution.  They issued fines and citations to people who refused to follow the most unscientific and unconstitutional rules ever forced upon the public.  Their intimidation tactics included chaining doors on business and fencing off churches.  These power drunk public “servants” took every opportunity to overstep their authority.

The actions of this group were criminal but most, with some exceptions, don’t deserve prison.  Any cop that beat unarmed protesters or trampled them with horses cannot be forgiven without serving prison time.  To the others your apology and resignation is almost enough.  The only other thing necessary for forgiveness is forfeiture of their pensions.  Taxpayers should not pay another nickel to people who victimized them for 3 years.

The Useless Politicians

This description might seem to include all politicians but it does not.  Useless and destructive are not the same thing.  Some politicians did not take an active role in the plandemic but they did not oppose it either.  They collected their paycheck and sat on the sidelines as their colleagues ran roughshod over citizens they were elected to represent.  This group is guilty because they could have stopped this nonsense at any time.  All they had to do was speak up.  A few politicians did speak up and instead of supporting them, the useless politicians helped ostracize them.

My forgiveness will come after this group voluntarily serve short symbolic prison sentences and forfeit their pensions.  The prison sentence will ensure they can never again hold public office.  Hopefully this group will just slink away in guilt rather than re-emerge as useful idiots.

The architects

None of this would have happened without this group.  It includes the people who engineered and intentionally released the virus.  It also includes the people who enacted the lockdowns and vaccine mandates.  Most but not all were senior government ministers and bureaucrats.  Some were just rich psychopaths like Bill Gates.

This group killed millions and stole the wealth of billions.  For this group there can be no forgiveness.  They must be hunted down, rounded up, and punished.  The only thing to debate is what the proper punishment is for being part of the largest, deadliest criminal conspiracy in history.