An Unending Tale of Government Deceit

The entire COVID narrative is a web of lies.  I have pointed this out many times.  The whole point of this blog was to present truth about COVID.  Though it might seem repetitive I can’t help but reexamine some of the most persistent lies.



Masks do not work because they cannot work.  The weave openings are hundreds of time larger than the virus.  The math just does not work something that I pointed out in December of 2020.  The weave openings are not just larger than the virus they are also larger than any water droplet that might hold the virus.  Dr. Byram Bridle demonstrated that with this short video made more than 1 year ago.


Water droplets pass freely through 5 layers of masks.  There is absolutely no way that a mask will stop a virus.  When tested even N95 respirators failed to stop infection.  Unfortunately masks are not simply useless they are also harmful.  That is why I wrote this in November 2020.

Locking people in their homes with their Sani wipes and disinfectant sprays is very damaging to their immune systems.  The only way you can make it worse is if you force a mask on them.  Masks restrict breathing turning us all into asthmatics.  Hypoxia is a condition of chronically low oxygen levels.  One of the problems associated with hypoxia is depressed immune system response.

When I wrote this I could not find any medical studies linking masks to depressed immune response, it was just a logical conclusion.  From an engineering perspective the pressure drop through barrier (like a mask) will reduce the partial pressure of oxygen in your lungs.  This will cause hypoxia which can suppress immune system response.  My logical conclusion from more than 2 years ago was just vindicated yesterday by this video from an industrial safety engineer.


In the past I have supervised maintenance activities where I was responsible for worker safety.  If I subjected a worker to a low oxygen (hypoxic) environment for even a moment I could face criminal prosecution.  So why then was it OK for governments to force school children to wear masks for hours every day?  There is no way that this did cause harm and if I had done the same on a work site I would be in prison.


The Vaccine is the only treatment for COVID

On this blog alone you can find links to multiple studies that show this is not true.  Vitamin D, Ivermectin, steroid anti-inflammatories, and hydroxychloroquine with zinc have all been shown to substantially reduce mortality and recovery times.  Now there is a study that shows even zinc on its own can reduce fatalities by 30%.

COVID might just be the most treatable disease in history.  The only reason that you do not know this is because governments prevented doctors from treating COVID patients.  Doctors were fired and threatened with lifetime suspensions for deviating from the approved protocol of Remdesivir and ventilation.  That protocol still exists in many places even though it has been shown to INCREASE COVID mortality.


The Best way to stay out of the hospital is to be up to date on your COVID Boosters

This would be laughable if it did not have such tragic consequences.  Not only is this a lie, the truth is 100% the inverse.  The best way to end up in the hospital is to keep taking boosters.

I started this blog because I recognized that the Government was telling easily disproved lies.  I never imagined how persistent the lies would turn out to be.  It seems that very few people understand that they are not obligated to believe obvious lies.  When a government says something and the only proof is a computer model or opinion that they paid for, you can be guaranteed it is a lie.  When the government lies it is never for your benefit.