To find Problems first you need to Look

In 2020 governments in unison told us there was a mysterious new disease sweeping the globe and overfilling hospitals.  The problem with the narrative was that hospitals were not overrun.  The internet was full of videos from citizen journalists showing empty hospitals.  To keep the lie alive, governments started to drag people off the street to test them for COVID.  The tactic worked.  Governments were able to find COVID everywhere which fueled the already irrational panic.

So when you test everyone you find large numbers of people are infected even though only a small number of people have serious symptoms.  If you judge COVID on the number of people with serious symptoms COVID is a small problem.  If you judge COVID on the number of people with positive tests COVID is a very large problem.  Keep that thought in mind as we fast forward 12 months to our age of COVID vaccination.

When the vaccines were rolled out some people developed noticeable symptoms of heart damage.  Governments grudgingly admitted that the jabs could cause heart problems such as myocarditis and pericarditis.  The hospitals were not overflowing with vaccine injured hearts just as they were not overflowing with COVID.  Government assured us that vaccine induced heart damage was rare and we do not need to worry about it.  But that is not really the standard we used to judge the severity of COVID was it?  We did not test large numbers of Jabbed people who were not displaying symptoms of heart damage.

What would happen if we did test for heart damage?  Well, some Swiss researchers just answered that question by testing jabbed people who were not displaying symptoms of heart damage.  Guess what they found.  Heart damage from the Jabs is much more prevalent than what the government wants you to believe.

There is now considerable evidence that mRNA vaccines are routinely injuring the heart, with raised troponin levels across the board and subclinical myocarditis in up to one in 27 cases or more. These are not rare events, as is often claimed by medical authorities and in the media. They are alarmingly common.

Troponin levels are what doctors look for to verify heart attacks.  The Swiss study showed that the majority of Jabbed show elevated troponin levels.  Most people who take the Jab will suffer some heart damage but only a few people will suffer enough damage to have symptoms.  Just like what we found with COVID, right?  Not exactly, there is one major difference.  In one or 2 weeks the virus will be gone but the heart damage will stay with you forever.

Asymptomatic COVID did not kill anyone.  It certainly did not kill anyone months after the infection was over.  The same cannot be said of all the asymptomatic heart damage.  That is why we now see seemingly healthy young adults dropping dead during routine physical activity and a surge in heart attacks.

Medical authorities (i.e. the government) are not finding a strong link between the Jabs and heart damage because they are carefully not looking for it.