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Jason’s Future Now Depends on Martial Law and it Shows

There was an “illegal” rodeo held on private land on the weekend.  So, what made this rodeo illegal?  Did they include cock fighting?  Or maybe they had a total disregard for animal safety.  No, it was illegal because the organizers were not sufficiently deferential to Jason Kenney. Jason took to twitter to have a hissy […]

When Conspiracy Becomes Reality

Our Hospitals are not over run but our hospital staff is stretched to the point of breaking.  How can both of those statements be true.  COVID Protocols.  That is how. Medical staff are constantly testing.  Any time someone tests positive everyone around them must isolate until they are tested.  Incredibly even after receiving a negative […]

We don’t Need Vaccines to end the Lockdown, Just Common Sense

I was reading the newspaper this morning.  People were writing letters to the editor asking why the United States is opening up while Canada is going the other direction.  The explanation for our continued lockdowns was that the US has vaccinated more people than Canada.  Why is there always an excuse not to open?  Why […]

Why are Vaccinated People Still Dying of COVID?

Something very curious is going on in a number of countries around the world.  There has been a large spike in both COVID infections and deaths that corresponds to the start of the vaccinations.  You can read this twitter thread for a partial list of countries experiencing this phenomena. https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1386179473524019204.html It is very interesting that […]

Undeniably Evil, Possibly Stupid

In April 2020, my brother said, with his usual eloquence “It is like they “f$%King planned this”.  At the time I could not believe it.  My opinion was that this was just stupid people reacting stupidly out of panic.  I thought when the panic wore off, they would find a way to gracefully back out […]

The Adults Who let this Happen Deserve it, The Children do not

Once more Sweden is leading the way.  Sweden will no longer use the PCR test.  This is a quote from the press release. “These tests cannot be used to determine whether someone is contagious or not. Virus RNA can often be detected weeks/months after infection, does not mean that someone is still contagious.” This is […]

Protecting Hospitals Instead of People

For 14 months we have given up our rights.  We were told it was necessary.  Our health care system needed to be protected.  Isn’t this backwards?  Why are we protecting the health care system?  Shouldn’t our health care system be designed to protect us?  Before I answer my own question please take the time to […]

COVID to Communism in the Blink of an Eye

There is enough evidence now that Locking people down produced no better results than time worn, common-sense, measures.  So why are we still locked down?  The simple answer is COVID lockdowns have nothing to do with a virus.  They are only about control. 32 years after the fall of communism, it is back.  This time […]

It is Time for Canadians to Grow Up

Right from the start of this whole fiasco governments and media went out of their way to convince people that COVID was a serious threat to everyone.  Like everything else they have said in the last 14 months, that simply was not true.  COVID is a serious problem for elderly people in poor health.  This […]