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When Politicians Emote for the Camera

Yesterday Doug Ford stood in front of cameras to choke back some Crocodile tears. Premier Ford chokes back tears as he speaks about the hardships people are enduring through #covid19. Then the screen froze. I have never seen him this emotional before. #onpoli pic.twitter.com/75M23uwo8B — Cynthia Mulligan (@CityCynthia) April 22, 2021 So Doug Ford is […]

The Calgary Sun, Acknowledging the Obvious

This was the front page of the Calgary Sun this morning. The Intrepid journalists at the Sun have turned over enough stones to find a double mutant Variant.  I don’t mean to belittle their achievement but this isn’t really the explosive headline they think it is.  I mean, how could no one at the Sun […]

Canada, The New Face of Communism

Today is Earth day.  It is a Day we are supposed to reflect on our impact on the planet.  When is Civilization day?  We really should set aside a day to reflect on how politicians are destroying civilization.  I think Jason Kenney’s or Justin Trudeau’s birthday would be a logical day to choose. My family […]

There is a Glimmer of Hope in Ontario

Since the Dawn of the first Trudeau Canada has been dysfunctional as a country.  Now it no longer seems to be a country at all.  Premiers in every province are using COVID as an excuse to establish isolated kingdoms in Canada.  Even as the impacts of the virus are decreasing, they are ramping up the […]

Canadian Judges Going Rogue, Again

We have not had rule of law in Canada for a very long time now.  We have rule of Judge.  That would be OK it the judges chose to follow the law but, alas, they do not.  Left wing politicians from all parties have for decades only appointed left wing judges.  To the left the […]

It is Time to Don the Tin Foil Hat

Jason Kenney and other public figures love to smear Lockdown Protesters as conspiracy theorists.  This is how the left always approaches arguments.  Do not address the arguments or the data, just smear the speaker.  The left’s favorite smear is calling someone a racist.  I mean why would any decent person listen to a racist? Initially […]

It is Time to Start Shunning Health Inspectors

There is a small café near me that has been defying the latest shut down tyranny.  This morning the Evil Troll sent his Brown shirts to deliver a message.  If he continues to defy the government he will lose his health license.  He would no longer be able operate a restaurant, ever.  For the crime […]

The Hard Truth is, The Flu by any other Name is still just the Flu.

The symptoms of COVID are identical to the symptoms of Influenzas.  The only difference between COVID and the various strains of Influenzas is that COVID is far less deadly for young people and far more deadly for seniors.  So how does a doctor know if you have COVID or influenzas?  That’s easy, everything is COVID […]

John Horgan is Unfit for Office

John Horgan and Justin Trudeau got together and agreed that the Charter of rights does not apply. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/justin-trudeau-travel-restrictions-canada-bc-1.5986848 New Brunswick has closed their borders and that has caused John Horgan to consider ramping up the Tyranny in BC.  Here is what the Carter of rights say about restricting movement of a Canadian. Mobility rights Canadian […]