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The Terrain Matters

In the late 1600s Bacteria were discovered; it wasn’t until the late 1800s that Louis Pasteur was able to link bacteria to disease.  In 1861 Pasteur published his germ theory.  Germ theory postulates that disease is caused by germs, bacteria and another germ which at the time no one had been able to identify.  Later […]

When Will We Start Following the Science?

A work colleague told me an interesting story about step mom.  His step mom works in a bank in a small rural community.  The Bank’s policy was that employees must wear masks at all time.  His step mom developed a bacterial infection in her eyes; the result of her breath always escaping the top of […]

Who Wielded the Weapon?

Below is a plot of selected Western European countries.  The plot shows daily covid deaths expressed as deaths/million population/day.  I picked Sweden and 6 other countries that had similar deaths/million as Sweden.  The countries their populations and deaths/million can be seen in this table. And here is how the “pandemic” played out in each country […]

It is Time To Fire Deena Hinshaw

Two nights ago, I was watching Laura Ingraham.  She was discussing how European countries are moving back towards lock downs.  She showed these bullet points. Isn’t it comforting to know that governments now think Covid 19 gives them the right to tell you what you can do in your own home?  I remember years ago, […]

The Media Lies Because it Works

I went to the doctor for a routine matter 2 days ago.  After we got through everything my doctor and I had a brief conversation about Covid 19 and all the changes that have happened because of our reaction to it.  I pointed out that Alberta has only seen one week in 2020 with deaths […]

How Long Can We Continue to Ignore Sweden?

Sweden is very interesting; they chose to treat Covid 19 as a simple viral infection. Instead of lockdowns, masks, and ridiculous, arbitrary, destructive restrictions they kept it simple.  Gatherings of over 500 were banned and people were asked to behave like responsible adults.  When the rest of the world decided to use Covid 19 as […]

Pandemic Profits

I came across this video on the weekend.  I don’t know who Bernadette Wilson is or what government board she was addressing.  I do know the world needs way more people like her and far fewer politicians.  Watch and enjoy. Bernadette rightfully points out that these lockdowns have disproportionately affected the poorest people in society.  […]

The Educational Opportunities of Covid

Last night as I was on my way out a story came on the news about a new study from Harvard researchers.  The study showed that the virus was airborne.  I had an appointment so I could not stop to get the details.  This morning I searched for the study online and I could not […]

Lock Downs Work, Just not Against the Virus

Lock down restrictions are starting to re-appear in various spots throughout Canada.  South of the Border Joe Biden has hinted that if he is elected lockdown measures will be re-instated in the US.  Countries all over the world chose lockdowns as pandemic control.  It is very hard to show that Lockdowns were at all effective […]

The Real Viruses

A couple days ago Rant team member Chad sent me this Tucker Carlson interviews a Chinese virologist who claims she can prove that the virus was manmade, and she believes the Chinese government released it on purpose.  I have read several sources that make the same claims.  I have not commented on them for a […]