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John Horgan is Unfit for Office

John Horgan and Justin Trudeau got together and agreed that the Charter of rights does not apply. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/justin-trudeau-travel-restrictions-canada-bc-1.5986848 New Brunswick has closed their borders and that has caused John Horgan to consider ramping up the Tyranny in BC.  Here is what the Carter of rights say about restricting movement of a Canadian. Mobility rights Canadian […]

Are You Happy with the Control You have Given Government?

This is the most shocking video I have seen in quite a while.  We are now living in some sort of dystopian science fiction movie.  People must be smuggled across borders to avoid arrest and detention for not respecting their own government.  Canada still allows non-citizens to walk across our international border with the United […]

The Public Mood is Changing

I am sure that most politicians are pleasantly surprised how easy this has been so far.  No matter how Tyrannical and ridiculous their edicts have been people have readily complied.  This has been a godsend for Politicians.  They can do what they want.  All they must do is tell us it is for our protection.  […]

We have at Least 200 Cops More Than We Need

Saturday a small Café near my home decided to defy Jason Kenney and remain open.  I went for breakfast and lunch.  There was no one either than my friend and me there at breakfast.  At lunch there were people going in and out for takeout.  No one sat down until my family sat down. The […]

We Need More People like Dr. Grant to Counter Government Propaganda

Maybe for the last time, I read the Calgary Sun this morning.  I have subscribed to the Sun for years.  I used to think of the Sun as the last major media outlet clinging to journalistic principals.  The Sun had columnists that came down on both sides of the political spectrum.  That made the Sun […]

Closing Fitness Facilities and Locking People in Their Homes was Deadly

Yesterday I posted this plot showing the effect of vitamin D deficiency on COVID case severity. It is not all that surprising then that researchers have found a correlation between hours spent indoors and excess deaths. Clearly stay at home orders like the one Doug Ford just imposed are the exact wrong thing to do. […]

More Vaccination Mathematics

Many wealthy countries are rapidly vaccinating their populations now with some very interesting results.  Qatar had very few problems with Covid until after they started vaccinating people.  Vaccinations began in late December and COVID cases started increasing shortly after.  See below. Worse for Qatar their highest death rates have happened since vaccination began. Israel has […]

Maybe if Chris Sky Killed Someone Justin Could Learn to Love him.

Chris Sky has found himself on a no-fly list. Omar Kahdr can fly around Canada, but Chris Sky cannot.  Last I checked Terrorists and Airplanes was a very bad combination, yet Transport Canada is OK with Kahdr flying.  Khadr is a convicted felon with a history of bomb making.  Chris Sky has no criminal history […]

Jason Kenney is an Evil Bastard

The last shoe dropped yesterday, and it dropped hard.  2 days ago, the old school communist hag that still runs Alberta by proxy through Deena Hinshaw called for another lockdown.  Jason did not disappoint her. Alberta went back to step 1.  You remember step one; it was supposed to be in effect until we dropped […]

We are all living in a Monty Python Skit

The Sars COV 2 virus is the smartest virus ever discovered.  The virus has now mutated to a point that it cannot be discovered. Breton variant causes concern as it may not be easily picked up in tests (irishtimes.com) This is my favorite line from the article. Scientists have been examining whether the Breton variant […]