The truth will out, Sometimes on live TV

Is it just me or do you also feel the flood gates starting to open?  Finally in 2023 people are noticing that a lot of people died in 2021 and 2022 after the COVID vaccines arrived.  The vaccines were supposed to fix everything and prevent anyone from dying.  Sadly that did not happen.  There are so many fit young people dying right now that the media can no longer ignore it.


The impetus for this conversation between Tucker and Dr. McCullough was Bill Hamlin collapsing in front of 20 million football fans.  Some in the media are already trying to claim Hamlin’s heart stopped because of his opponent’s helmet striking Hamlin in the chest.  It is true that a sudden impact in the chest can stop a heart, and it has happened before in professional sports, but that is not what happened to Hamlin.

When you get struck hard enough to stop your heart you do not finish the tackle and jump to your feet to celebrate before your heart stops.  Your heart stops immediately.  Then restarting your otherwise undamaged heart does not take 9 minutes of CPR and multiple shocks.  The left wing media does not want to admit it but Americans witnessed a vaccine death (yes I know they have not pulled the plug yet) live on prime time television.

It does not matter that the some media still support the government position.  The cat is out of the bag.  Data like this plot from Germany is just too hard to ignore.

In Germany COVID barely produced any cumulative excess deaths; not so for the vaccines.  The same thing is happening in Ireland where the hospitals were empty during COVID but now over flowing with the vaxxed.  There are simply too many sick and dying people to ignore.  It is also impossible to ignore that this is only occurring in countries that went full NAZIS with the COVID vaccines.


Some unintelligent countries like Canada will continue to deny the obvious but medical professionals in countries where you cannot lose your license for questioning climate change are speaking up.



Our Governments lied to us.  They told us we were taking a vaccine but the COVID Jabs are not vaccines.  They are experimental gene therapy and yes they are a nightmare.  People who were smart enough to not fall for the lie have been branded anti-vaxxers.  How can you become an anit-vaxxer by refusing to submit to gene therapy?  Shouldn’t we be called anti-gene therapy?  Or perhaps more accurately, aren’t we simply truth advocates?


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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    The dam of government/media misinformation on Covid and the jab is certainly springing more leaks with time. Perhaps this will be the year everyone wakes up from this nightmare. I just hope we don’t lose a lot more friends and family to the experiment.

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