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Not Exactly The Blind Leading The Blind, The Same Net Result Though

If Dr. Frankenstein could distil and combine the pure stupidity of Ed Stelmach, the rotting corruption of Allison Redford, and the evil communist sympathies of Rachel Notley he would have an elixir to build a truly frightening monster.  Sadly this monster could not possibly cause more damage than Jason Kenney.  Yesterday, Jason Kenney solidified his […]

It is Cold and Flu Season, Time For a Lockdown

On the weekend Cochrane hit the magic number of 10 active cases which triggered their mask mandate.  This is all very reasonable because everyone knows that when 99.97% of your population is not sick, you are definitely in the middle of a plague.  The City Council of Cochrane voted months ago to set the 10-case […]

AOC is Right We Need Nuremberg Type Trials, Just not for Trump Supporters

The news this weekend was full of panic inducing stories about the alarming increase in Covid 19 cases in Canada.  The Media turned to their stable of fake experts to declare that Canada needs a nationwide lockdown again.  Lockdowns have not worked anywhere they have been tried and have led to more not fewer deaths.  […]

Jason Kenney, Liberal Foot Soldier, or Smartest Kid on the Short Bus

I was sent this video a couple days ago.   Kenney: "While we have to take the COVID threat very seriously, it is currently projected to be the 11th most common cause of death in Alberta this year." "Currently, this represents a tiny proportion of the deaths in our province."#COVID19AB https://t.co/8ZhZ1JgIlY pic.twitter.com/EKjM4QHH4G — Sammy Hudes […]

More Covid Politics

I was thinking about statistics and how they can often be contradictory.  Like how can such a high percentage of people be so concerned about a virus that threatens such a low percentage of people?  Shouldn’t the public concern about a virus be proportional to the effect that virus has on the population?  Because of […]

Covid 19 Ground Hog Day

2 days ago, Theresa Tam, the least competent medical professional in the country, finally acknowledged the bleeding obvious; The virus is airborne. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/canada-quietly-updates-covid-19-guidelines-on-risk-of-airborne-spread/ar-BB1aHqPO?ocid=msedgdhp The implications of this I have discussed before but they bear repeating Nothing short of a perfectly sealed n95 respirator (not dust mask) will keep you from inhaling the virus. It is […]

Ivor Cummins Truth Bombs

I watched this Ivor Cummins video yesterday. Ivor makes 4 very good points The UK government and media are duplicitous lying bastards that cherry pick data to justify immoral decisions. Covid-19 is a seasonal virus. We are going to have to deal with it every year until the end of time. There has never been […]

A Dark Winter Indeed

The next few days are pivotal for the health of the world.  The western economies are the largest and most important economies in the world.  All over the west politicians are actively destroying those economies.  They are destroying lives to battle a virus that is not much of a problem anywhere politicians are not intentionally […]

PCR Pandemic

My Brother sent me this video this morning https://www.instagram.com/p/CHGw2mogNLl/ And my wife’s uncle pointed me towards this yesterday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LToSnpz8A4 Both videos are saying the same thing.  The “crisis” we are dealing with is entirely artificial. In the first video the woman (sorry I have no idea who she is) used Ireland’s freedom of information act […]

Lockdowns Are Evil, is That Why Politicians Love them?

Boris Johnson announced a 30-day hard lockdown in the UK.  The UK had not even finished lifting the restrictions from their 14-day lockdown instituted 8 months ago.  Boris Johnson is a Clown.  He is not as high on the Clown scale as Justin Trudeau, but then who is?  Justin can fill a clown car all […]