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Covid 19, Greasing the Wheels For Rapid Political Change

Communism once encompassed the globe.  North America, Australia, and Antarctica were the only continents untouched by communism.  The Free world openly opposed communism for decades.  Communism finally collapsed everywhere outside of far east Asia.  The western world grew very complacent after triumphing in the cold war.  That complacency has resulted in a generation of people […]

The Whole Truth is Something We Never Get From Government

I have been waiting for the numbers for both Alberta and Canada to be updated.  This “pandemic” has officials very concerned but not concerned enough to update crucial data over the holiday period.  Updating all that data would certainly take time away from all the unnecessary travel by government officials. Aloha, Allard: Constituents greet Alberta […]

Messenger RNA Vaccines Hand Bill Gates a License to Print Money

Jan 3rd rant I saw this article this morning. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/dc-passes-bill-to-vaccinate-children-without-parental-knowledge-consent The District of Columbia is trying to vaccinate children without their parents’ consent.  Not only are they trying to bypass parental consent they are forcing the insurance company and medical staff to conceal it from the parents.  Insurance companies still have to pay for the […]

In 2021 Why Don’t We Take Back Power From Government?

A reader sent me this a couple days ago.  This interview was conducted for the same documentary as the Catherine Austin Fitts interview that I posted 2 days ago.  The interview is very long but interesting so if you have time please have a look.   Pam Popper makes many good points most of which […]

Covid Was Not the Only Thing Communist China Exported

I apologize for the length.  Stick with it I promise to get to an important point. Communist Chinese are everywhere they have infiltrated every western government and economy and barely anyone is talking about it.  The goal of every communist dictatorship was to spread communism throughout the globe.  The Soviet Union tried this for decades […]

Covid has Made the Ministry of Truth a Reality

Several different friends sent me this. The WHO has redefined herd immunity.  Now herd immunity is only possible with a vaccine.  Seriously this is right out of the novel 1984.  George Orwell hit the nail right on the head he just predicted it would happen 36 years sooner than it did. To be fair to […]

An Open Letter to Jason Kenney

Today I sent this letter to Jason Kenney and the UCP.  I just wanted to thanks Jason for magnanimously allowing me to have 2 people in my home.   Mr. Kenney, Yesterday you announced new rules governing who I am allowed to have in my home.  I want to thank you for taking time to […]

Evil or Stupid, Doug Ford is Clearly #1

The news has been full of stories lately about the surging Covid Cases in Ontario.  Ontario Premier Doug Ford has seen enough and yesterday he announced additional restrictions effective boxing day.  The plot below shows what everyone is concerned about. That does look alarming but curiously deaths are not really following the cases.  You can […]