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First we had New Math, Now with COVID we have New Science

If lockdowns and masks work then why didn’t they?  How come no one in power, other than Ron DeSantis has asked that question? Ron DeSantis has been branded by the media as anti-science.  Originally DeSantis was part of the lockdown crowd.  He followed the advice of the “experts” and locked Florida down.  Then 2 weeks […]

Even Pfizer VPs read my Blog.

I have a small group of friends and relatives that help me with this blog.  When they find interesting information they send it to me.  My brother just sent me this.  Dr. Yeadeon is retired from the pharmaceutical industry.  He retired from Pfizer as a vice president.  In 20 minutes the video covers most of […]

If Governments really did Care They would stop the COVID Vaccines

“We have to stop the vaccine campaign”. Those are not my words.  That is the answer Dr. Robert Malone gave when an interviewer asked what should be done to address a recently confirmed COVID Vaccine problem.  I have posted about Dr. Malone before.  He is currently the biggest threat to the COVID vaccine narrative.  Dr. […]

I am so Happy to be Wrong this Time.

My track record during this full frontal assault on our freedoms has been quite good.  My analysis and predictions have proven to be right more often than wrong.  I certainly have a better track record than any chief medical officer in this country.  When I have been wrong often it was because I underestimated the […]

COVID Vaccination Programs Lack Informed Consent

Weeks ago I posted that COVID vaccines violate almost every aspect of the Nuremberg code.  The most egregious violation is informed consent.  People were first coerced and are now mandated to receive a vaccine they are told little about.  Even without coercion consent must be informed or it is not consent.  That is not happening. […]

Even COVID Cultists are starting to question the Vaccines

2 things are happening.  The vaccine protection is waning and ADE is appearing.  We are seeing this in the numbers.  Breakthrough cases that are supposed to be rare are not.  Don’t worry though “experts” tell us that this means the vaccines are working.  After all serious illness and deaths are low.  This, like everything else […]

Vaccine Passports Only Benefit Tyrants

Vaccine passports have been instituted in several countries.  It is only a matter of time before our Prime Moron tries to institute them here.  In some places, most notably France, the people are pushing back.  The French are boycotting restaurants and Cafes as you can see in these videos.   Paris cafe terrasses empty today. […]

Will we ever Cure COVID Psychosis?

I started this blog with the hope that someday people would see the light.  They would realize the size of the lie being told and finally get angry.  I hoped that I could be part of that dawning awareness.  That I could present data in a clear and logical fashion so people would finally understand.  […]

What Obama’s Party Tells Us about Making Vaccines Work.

Obama held a large mask free birthday party recently.  I have not commented on it before because I was not sure how to feel about it.  Was it Obama telling us it is OK not to be afraid?  That we should start living life again and do ordinary things like celebrate birthdays?  Or was it […]