Prison is too good for Them

A Friend sent me this article yesterday.  Every woman thinking about having a baby needs to read it.

The Baby’s mother is in the British Royal Navy.  She was vaccinated while she was pregnant as a condition of employment.  Thanks to the vaccine her child developed blood clots in the womb.  At week 37 with the baby in distress an emergency C section was performed.  A blood clot in the baby’s brain had caused a stroke, another blood clot in the arm lead to the amputation of the arm.

Thanks to the pre-birth stroke the baby now has brain damage, epilepsy, and deafness.  The British Royal navy ruined this child’s life before it even started.  Have you had enough of this yet?  How many more children need to die or have their futures stolen before we stop this madness.  Everyone mandating these clot shots needs to face serious prison time.  We can’t keep letting them destroy the future one child at a time.

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