Controlled Participation and COVID

Oct 18th rant

This morning I found a great video about how the Irish government is stage managing the COVID narrative.  Even though he never uses the term, what he is discussing is Controlled participation.  When I was in school we learned about controlled participation.  I searched online and found a definition to reprint here.

 Controlled Participation

 Giving the illusion that the citizen are participating in government and that they can have influence. However, this participation is controlled such that it does not affect or limit the policies or goals of the Party/government.

In school we were taught that the Nazis and communists used this technique to keep people docile.  People were convinced that the government was only carrying out the will of the people.  The government allowed people to choose but the list of choices was carefully controlled.  The one thing they did not teach us in school was that this practice is not exclusive to Communists and Nazis.  All governments use controlled participation.

Take the last Federal election in Canada.  The 2 main issues were climate change and vaccine passports.  Each party had their ideas of how they would mitigate climate change.  These policies ranged from taxes and carbon exchanges to outright bans on certain activities.  It was all just shades of grey.  The starting point for all of them was that we must do something about climate change.  There was no option of simply doing nothing.

Here is one of the dirty little secrets when it comes to climate change.  If, and that is a very big if, it happens, the warming will benefit northern agricultural nations like Canada.  You read that correctly.  In even the most ridiculous warming scenarios Canada benefits.  Why the hell would Canadians spend a nickel trying to prevent something that benefits them?  If the rest of the world wants Canadians to hamper our economy with energy consumption restrictions, they should paying us to do it.  How many political parties gave you that choice?

Vaccine passports were just as ridiculous.  Canadians were asked to choose what kind of passport that we wanted.  The only party not advocating for passports was the people’s party of Canada (PPC).  The PPC was not allowed to take part in the national leader’s debates in either French or English.  Outside of the debates when the media was not attacking the PPC they were ignoring them.

Canadian’s were not allowed to hear that doing nothing is an option.  In the case of climate change no action was easily the best option and that information was never discussed.  So much for free and fair elections in the great white north.  This was just all political theatre.

The COVID farce has been a master class in controlled participation.  The government has framed the debate from the start.  The starting assumptions were that social distancing, lockdowns, and masks work and are the only options.  In each case these starting assumptions were false.

  1. Lockdowns

Lockdowns had never been used before and had no scientific basis.  Theoretically a lockdown could work but it would need to be complete.  No one would be allowed to leave their home, for any reason.  Under that scenario few people would have died of COVID but everyone would have died of starvation and thirst.  If you allow people to leave their homes even for groceries the virus will spread.  Partial lockdowns are all pain for no gain.  A complete lockdown is the simultaneous eradication of both the virus and humans.

  1. Masks

Lockdowns had never been tried or studied but that is not the case for masks.  Masks had been extensively tried and studied.  The evidence for the effectiveness of masks is overwhelming.  Masks are ineffective at stopping airborne respiratory viruses.  Masks do not work but the only debate allowed was how much force should be used to put a mask on a toddler.

  1. Social distancing

Social distancing was also never studied and had no chance of stopping the transmission of an airborne virus.  If the building re-circulates the same virus laden air, 600 feet is no different than 6 feet.  The debate should have been how we improve building ventilation.  Instead the debate was whether it should be 3 feet or 6 feet.  Both answers were wrong but that was the only choice we were given.


Now that Vaccines are for sale governments are up to their old tricks.  The choice we are allowed is about children.  At what ages should vaccinations start?  The government is carefully controlling this debate and will manage the age down until we are vaccinating babies before cutting the umbilical.  At no time will we be allowed the choice of simply not being vaccinated for a disease that poses no threat to almost everyone.

After that long preamble here is the video.  Please watch and please think.  This is happening in every western democracy.


Christian Persecution contitues in the Banana Republic of Canada

Throughout this fake pandemic, The Demonic Dwarf in Alberta has made Christian persecution his top priority.  Obviously he feels the quickest way to eliminate COVID is to eliminate Christians.  He has apparently modified an old Nazis policy.  The Nazis thought they could eliminate all problems if they could just eliminate those pesky Jews.  Recently, New Brunswick Premier, Blaine Higgs, has also added Christian persecution to his pandemic response plan.

The data right now is very clear.  There is an easily identified special interest group responsible for nearly all viral transmission.  It is not Christians although many Christians are also part of this group.  The Group causing the problem right now are people who have been jabbed.  Our pin cushion brethren are gleefully spreading COVID everywhere they go yet I have not seen a single news article about the arrest of any of their leaders.  Maybe that is because the leaders are the guys persecuting Christians right now.

This has never been about a virus or public safety.  This is just a few evil people imposing their ideology and beliefs on us.  What they believe is that we are unimportant and our natural role is to be subservient to them.  To add insult to injury these evil bastards are using resources that we pay for to subjugate us.  Resources like the police and now even the courts.

Alberta’s most famous persecuted Christian has just been sentenced to a lifetime of spreading government propaganda.  Free speech is supposed to be a protected right in Canada.  This ruling should dispel that myth forever.  Canada is now a nation of compelled speech.

It is easy to determine this judge’s background and political affiliations from his ruling.  He was a failed Liberal candidate rewarded for his loyalty with an appointment to the bench he did not deserve.  On paper Canada is a nation of laws.  In practice it is not.  Appointments to the bench are patronage appointments.  The only qualification that is considered is reliability.  Specifically whether you be relied on to ignore the law to advance a liberal/progressive agenda.

This did not start with COVID.  This has been going on for a very long time and the average Canadian is oblivious to it.  A few years ago in Calgary there was an anti-Israel protest.  A small group of Jews organized a counter protest.  They stood across the street quietly holding pro-Israel signs.  A group of Muslim men ran across the street and beat the Jews.  The assault was captured on camera in full view of police who were present.  No one was arrested until Calgary’s progressive, Muslim, mayor was shamed in to action.  I tried to follow up to see what happened to the perpetrators.  I could find no evidence that any of them were tried or sentenced.  The charges appear to have been dropped.  They were arrested for the cameras and then released without any media coverage.

That is just one example of the selective application of law in Canada.  I could fill pages with more.  If your politics or ideology lines up with the current political leadership, the law does not apply to you.  Politicians will order the police to turn a blind eye.  If you do anything that displeases the government, some partisan judge will twist the law in to a pretzel to persecute you.

Canada is the coldest banana republic on earth.  Laws are selectively applied based on the whims of those in charge.  That is precisely why the evil bastards sitting in the Premiers’ chairs have been able to get away with what they have done.  Nothing that they have done for 2 years now has been legal, yet not a single court or police department has opposed them.  Canada is a corrupt and morally bankrupt nation.

Canadian’s used to arrogantly claim that the world needs more Canada.  I think the world has more than enough tyranny right now.  Since Canada has nothing more to offer, the world most definitely does not need more Canada.  Canadians need a lot less Canada right now.

Canadian Politicians are International Criminals

If you are anywhere near Beaumont Alberta please stop in and buy something, anything, from the Bake my day Bakery.  Currently the bakery is being persecuted by Alberta Health Services for not breaking the law.  The Bakery is not checking vaccine status of their dine-in customers.


I have been hearing anecdotally that many businesses are just going through the motions.  They are not checking vaccination status and it is starting to piss off the government.  After all this is not about public health.  It is about blind obedience to government.  Even if that means breaking the law.

It will not be long before Governments start to tighten the vice but the tyrants have a problem.  There are signs police are getting uncomfortable with their unlawful participation.  That is likely why Alberta and Saskatchewan are turning to renta-cops.


Forcing someone to disclose private personal medical information is not legal in Canada.  Unfortunately Canadian Politicians don’t believe this or any other law should apply to them.  There is no way they will let a pesky legal technicality de-rail their great rest agenda.  Their work around is to force businesses to break the law and use renta-cops as the SA.

Governments have put businesses in a precarious position.  Any business that refuses service to an unvaccinated person is risking a human rights complaint.  The Canadian Government loves to brag about how important human rights are to them.  Here is an excerpt from the government’s own web page.

Canada has been a consistently strong voice for the protection of human rights and the advancement of democratic values. This started with our central role in the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1947-1948 to our work at the United Nations today.


Below are excerpts from the Universal Declaration of Human rights that our Government boasts having a central development role. I added the bolding to draw your attention to the relevant wording.


Article 2

Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.


Article 7

All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.


Article 9

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.


Article 12

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.


Article 27

  1. Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits.


Article 30

Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein


Politicians are hypocrites; it is impossible to argue that they are not.  Being a hypocrite is one thing being a criminal is quite another.  I have a question for the hypocrites in power right now.  How many articles of this treaty, that Canada signed and helped draft, does a person need to violate before being recognized as an international criminal?

That is of course a rhetorical question.  Every government in Canada is violating provincial bills of rights, the Canadian charter of rights, and the UN universal declaration of human rights.  By definition every elected representative in this country cooperating with this Tyranny has committed crimes against humanity.

Don’t just take my word for it why don’t you listen to Brian Pickford one of the architects of Canada’s charter of rights.


It is not enough for police to get cold feet and force government to turn to their own private security forces.  There is enough evidence to arrest and charge every politician in this country.  Canadian Police need to step up and do their damn jobs.


Fake Solutions to Fake Emergencies

When the Vaccines were first rolled out they were heralded as a miraculous gift that would quickly get us back to normal.  Governments and their media henchmen led everyone to believe that with just 2 shots COVID would be eradicated.  That did not happen and anyone inclined to logic knew that would not happen.

High school science told me that the effects would be temporary and that the jabs would not prevent infection.  All that the Jabs were designed to do was give you a head start on recovery in the event that you got infected.  Not a single manufacturer claimed that the jabs would prevent infection only mitigate symptoms.  Yet somehow the government convinced everyone that the jabs were a cure all.  There is also no doubt the pharma companies knew the effects would be temporary.  They just stayed quiet while governments oversold their products for them.

Not even a fraction of what the government said was true.  The vaccines slow fall from grace is illustrated effectively in this short video.


Instead of just getting out of the way and allowing Doctors to treat our way out of this, governments are doubling down on stupid.  Most countries are starting boosters.  Remarkable they are telling the same lies about the boosters.  Even more remarkable is how many people are eager to believe those old tired lies.  I cannot fathom how naïve you must be to believe that the 3rd shot will somehow do all the things the first 2 shots failed to do.  Things the shots were never designed to do in the first place.

The canary in the coal mine is Israel.  Millions of Israelis have now taken their third shot.  The results are not good.  The 3rd shot is proving to be even less “effective” than the first 2.  By now thought the Israelis government is painfully aware that the eyes of the world are on them.  When researchers used the government published data to determine the booster’s poor effectiveness, the government promptly changed the data.

This is another dangerous step down the junk science highway.  If the data does not fit the conclusions don’t change the conclusions just change the data.  That is way easier and a lot less messy than real science.  The Global warming crowd has been doing that with temperature records for more than a decade now.  They have corrupted so many data bases that you can draw any imaginary conclusion you want from their imaginary data.

When the government controls the data they control the narrative.  Separating fact from fiction is increasingly more difficult.  30 years ago we had 10 years to save the planet yet somehow the planet is still here.  In Alberta we go through wave after wave of COVID that somehow does not affect our ICU utilization.  Are you starting to get the Picture now?  Fake emergencies are way easier for politicians to deal with that real emergencies.  Real emergencies require real concrete solutions.  Fake emergencies just require regular booster shots.

Maybe it is time to “just” stop complying.



Pandemic Creation for Dummies

Creating a Pandemic is way easier than you think.  You just need to follow these 4 simple steps.  You don’t even need a virus.

  1. Comb the hospitals for terminally ill patients. The younger the better.
  2. Test identified patients with a test prone to false positives. Test often and run as many cycles as is necessary to get a positive result.
  3. Schedule a Press conference. Invite only those who you can trust to support the narrative.  As a precaution have a 10 second delay to mute any accidental counter narrative questions.
  4. Step up to the microphone and LIE YOUR ASS OFF.


Dr. Deena Hinshaw is the Alberta’s witch doctor in residence, AKA the wicked witch of the west.  Good old WWW decided to use the tragic CANCER death of a child as a political propaganda tool.  There is bedside manner for you.  The body was not even cold and she was standing on it.

My Brother sent me a video about this yesterday that has already been scrubbed from TikTok.  He commented that there is a special place in Hell for WWW and her boss the Demonic Dwarf, Jason Kenney.  My response is that they have likely already been to hell.  All available evidence indicates that Deena and Jason were released from hell to do exactly what they are doing.

I could be wrong.  Deena might still be human.  If she is then she is one of the most disgusting humans to ever walk the face of the earth.

The World’s most treatable disease again collides with the Corrupt Media

The most treatable disease in history even responds to aspirin.

Aspirin lowered the need for hospitalization by nearly 50%.  Simple, inexpensive, abundant, and effective; what is not to like about aspirin?  A lot according to the media.  Right on cue the media weighed in to convince people not to use it.

Haven’t we been to this movie before?  Every time solid medical advice surfaces the media moves to suppress it.  They are part of this criminal conspiracy and have been since the beginning.  If it was not for the relentless distortion of the truth no one would have noticed COVID.  The video below documents exactly how large a nonevent COVID was in Ireland.


I have pointed out this data before for Canada.  The 2019/20 winter was only the second worst cold and flu season in the last 10 years.  The 2020/21 winter was one of the lightest cold and flu seasons in the last 10 years.  2 seasons of the great plague and essentially no one died who was not already on deaths doorstep.

The media have been part of this conspiracy since day one.  The lockdowns and vaccines have killed thousands of otherwise healthy people.  The longer this goes on the more people who will die.  The media is complicit in every one of those deaths.  Our prisons are not large enough for the reckoning that is needed.

A Conspiracy to commit Murder

When the Vaccines first rolled out there was a media blitz to convince everyone to be jabbed.  One popular marketing trick was to film, then interview, doctors and nurses as they were vaccinated.  One young nurse caused quite a stir when she collapsed on camera after being vaccinated.  I remember reading the nurse blamed her fainting on excitement or some other innocuous reason.

I know doubt this interview ever happened.  It has just been released that the nurse died later the same day.  I sincerely doubt she gave a deathbed interview endorsing the vaccine.


This nurse was one of the first people in the world to be vaccinated.  She was injected and died Dec 17th 2020.  Her family was paid off and her death was covered up for nearly a year.  Governments and Pharma companies have known that this vaccine was deadly from the very beginning.  Instead of exercising caution Governments have since instituted vaccine mandates.  Mandates forcing everyone to take a potentially lethal treatment most do not need.

This might be forgivable if the vaccine was saving more lives than it was taking but that also is not the case.  One month ago I produced this plot showing using NIH data showing the vaccines increase your chance of getting COVID by 30%.

A Helpful friend has taken the most recent data and reproduced the same plot.

One month later every age group is worse off.  Vaccinated people are now 50 to 80% more likely to get infected.  Incidents of severe COVID in vaccinated people are also increasing.  The vaccine is making illness much more likely and the protection is quickly evaporating.

Governments are mandating a potentially lethal treatment that offers no protection from COVID.  They see all this data yet they persist.  We need to admit that from their perspective the jabs must be having the intended result.  Government wants you to fall ill and die.  There is no other explanation that fits the data.  They simply cannot be that stupid.  This is conspiracy to commit murder on a scale unseen in history.

Albertans are being Played by their Government

A friend of mine pointed something out to me that I feel stupid for missing.  The Alberta government keeps great statistics.  They publish them for anyone to see with full confidence that almost no one will look.  Even fewer people will think about what they see.  Thankfully my friend is curious enough to look and stubborn enough to think for himself.

The Two plots below show % of ICU capacity utilized for COVID (top) and non COVID (bottom)

I guess Albertans have been very luck so far.  For some unknown reason each time we have a “wave” of COVID people stop needing medical attention for everything else.  If it was not for this incredible good fortune our hospitals would surely have been overrun.

OK now that I am done reporting this the way the CBC would, let’s talk about what is really going on.  When I add the two curves together (something the website will conveniently do for you) this is what I get.

With or without COVID our ICUs normally run just below 80% capacity (the green line).  Each successive “wave” of COVID has made little to no difference.  We are obviously being played.  When the Demonic Dwarf (Alberta Premier, Jason Kenney) wants to scare us he turns to the Wicked Witch of the West (Alberta Chief medical officer and witch doctor in residence, Deena Hinshaw).  Good old Triple W instructs hospitals to designate everyone COVID, especially if they are unvaccinated.

We do not have a problem with public health.  We have a problem with the continued existence of those two evil “public servants”.  The only way to end this is to rid the province of the Demonic Dwarf and the Wicked Witch of the West.


Long COVID Stupidity

I came across this article this morning.

The Vancouver SUN reported that the closures were due to “unforeseen limited staffing availability.”  The BC Health authority just fired hundreds of staff for not being jabbed and this government propagandist wants us to believe the staffing shortages were unforeseen.  I mean really who could have seen this coming.  Firing 10 to 20% of your staff for political reasons should have been easy right?

I sincerely hope several vaccine Nazis die during the 1 hour ride to the emergency room.  Canadians by and large have supported every Tyrannical measure implemented by government.   Those who supported this, or sat by and let it happen truly deserve what is coming.

While Canadians are still sleep walking through the annihilation of their lives and human rights people elsewhere are starting to wake up.  About a week ago I pointed out that all-cause mortality is up in Europe.  Below is an article pointing out the same thing is happening in the US.

The US is on track to have as many COVID deaths this year with vaccines as last year without vaccines.  On its own that would be damning for the vaccines but it does not stop there.  Deaths due to all causes is way up.  The Jab is a versatile killer.

People in the US are dying in large numbers yet no significant politician has died.  It is almost like none of them took the Jab.  They would not have lied about their vaccination status, would they?

Thanks to Politicians Air Travel just got a lot less Safe.

I had surgery on my ankle once to repair a tendon injury.  A few weeks after the surgery I had to make a long (12 hour) flight for work.  I was cautioned about the increased risk of blood clots from being at altitude for an extended time.  A compression sock was recommended to help circulation.  This was about 15 years ago.  So 15 years ago we knew that blood clot risks were higher if you spent a lot of time at high altitude.  Good thing that we are mandating the clot shot for pilots, right?

The official narrative is that blood clots are a rare side effect of the jabs.  Thanks to the work of Dr. Hoffe we know that is not true.  The pre and post jab D-dimer tests he performed prove that clots are the rule not the exception.  If you get the shot you will get clotting, the only unknown is whether the clots will be large enough to cause a problem.  Being at altitude increases the chance that they will be.

In Theory these shots will be a problem for the airline industry.  Now it seems the theory has become a reality.  Stories are leaking out that a completely healthy Delta airlines pilot died in flight a few days after his second jab.  Follow the link for the video.

The Copilot was able to make an emergency landing.  So no one other than the unfortunate pilot was injured by his vaccine.  This could have been a disaster and it was completely predictable.  In fact 3 weeks ago and air force doctor did predict it.  That led her to ground all of her pilots.


Once again, while we were following the science, we managed to completely ignore all the science.  The science says that this vaccine increases risks for people who are at very little risk of the virus.  As the lieutenant Colonel points out most of her pilots are under 30 and in peak physical condition.  For them COVID was not a problem.  A blood clot induced heart attack at mach 1, on the other hand, is quite a serious problem.

Thanks to the moronic man-child no Canadian is allowed in the air without the jab.  This is to keep us safe.  How safe do you think the vaccinated passengers will feel as the plane crashes?  At this point there is only one thing that will make Canadian’s safe.  Our safety would be guaranteed if every Canadian politician died from the vaccine.  Too bad most of them likely did not take it.