Australia just lost the only Cop worthy of a Uniform


According to this former officer most of her colleagues do not agree with what they are doing.  They are just doing what they are told and collecting a paycheck.  Much like the Nazis guards at Auschwitz.

Seriously what the f&%k is wrong with police officers right now?  At what point will you stand up and say, “I will not violate the constitutional rights of people I am sworn to protect”.  Where is that line?  Will you hold down and torture the un-vaxxed and unmasked until they comply?  There is not a single police officer in Canada right now that should be wearing a uniform and carrying a weapon.  Australia had one and she just quit.  Western liberal democracy is dead.

Teenager doing the work that Adults are too Cowardly to do

A teenager in Wyoming was handcuffed and perp walked out of high school for the crime of independent thought.

When asked why she chose to be arrested rather than comply this is what she said.

“It’s because I’m growing up in a country where I’m supposed to have my God-given rights to protect, and they’re being taken away,” she said. “Everybody has the freedom to wear a mask if they choose, but I believe everybody also has the right to not wear a mask if they choose.”


She is taking a principled stand even though she understands there will be repercussions.


“I get cussed out a lot,” she said. “People have called me mean names. Nobody has physically harmed me, but some of my best friends now won’t talk to me.”

 “The discrimination from the teachers is just absurd,” Grace said. “I had one teacher who tried to force a mask onto my face.”


Here is the video of the police arresting her.


This police officers should be ashamed.  Every adult in this world that is sitting mutely watching a child fight for their rights should be ashamed.

Stress does not change a person stress reveals who they really are.  Our governments have intentionally ramped up the stress and we now clearly see who people are.  Some like this young woman are brave and value freedom.  Unfortunately most adults have shown themselves to be selfish cowards.  They deserve what is coming.

There are many ways Government takes Lives.

This is so powerful it needs no commentary.  It only needs to be repeated.  Please share.

Our Leaders are Delusional and it is starting to show

Politicians are destroying the economy right now.  This is not just stupidity, it is clearly intentional.  I have a friend that I have discussed this with frequently.  He always shakes his head and asks the same question.  “Don’t they realize if the economy collapses they will also be affected”?  My friend is absolutely correct.  There is no way can maintain their lifestyle if the economy collapses.  The problem is they are too stupid and delusional to understand this simple fact.

It is true that despite destroying their economies communist dictators live like kings.  Castro died a billionaire, so did Hugo Chavez.  These men were able to maintain their lavish lifestyles because they could always import what they needed.  That is not what is happening now.  The entire western world seems hell-bent on destruction.  One or 2 economies can collapse and the world goes on.  If they all collapse, life as we know it simple stops.

It is not surprising that the politicians don’t understand this.  These people have been pushing de-industrialization to save the planet from climate change for decades now.  That is how stupid they are.  They think the benefits of a modern industrial society can be had without any of the industry that makes it possible.

That is the level of stupidity we are fighting right now.  People who think they can de-populate the planet, and shut down the economy without impacting their lifestyles.  They must believe that power is generated when you flip the light switch on, and that power will be available as long as the switch is attached to the wall.  Things do not work that way in a modern, integrated, specialized economy.  Everything is integrated and interconnected.  You can’t chip away at one piece without impacting the others.

This is a very simple lesson that aircraft controllers are trying to teach Creepy Joe right now.

Notice how the media ran in to act as firefighters.  They are printing completely false information to keep angry people from turning on Biden and his mandates.  The media won’t be able to hide this forever.  Politicians may not understand this but you can’t fire 15% of doctors, nurses, air traffic controllers, firemen, engineers, tradesmen, and police without dire consequences.  Once the system starts to collapse it will gain momentum and a complete collapse could be unavoidable.

The elite think that they still have private airports and other facilities that cater only to them just the way communist dictators do.  These people are delusional.  Not one of them has any useful skills.  When your private generator fails, who will fix it?  How will food gets to their tables?  Politicians are playing a very dangerous game and most of them are too stupid to know they can’t win.

Supply Chain Problems are as artificial as the COVID Emergency

I was in the hardware store 2 days ago.  I was looking for lag screws.  Larger bolts and screws are sold by weight and are kept in open plastic bins.  Some of the bins were empty.  While I was looking for what I needed a young clerk helping a customer came near.  Because they had entered my 6 foot zone of viral safety I was able to hear their conversation.  The clerk was telling her customer the store is having trouble getting some products.

After I got over my relief of not dying instantly from standing near another human, I realized I have heard that story from other vendors.  Right on schedule our supply chain is collapsing.  The supply chain is not collapsing because too many workers have fallen ill.  Politicians are causing our supply chain to collapse.  Border controls, mandatory quarantines, and forced unemployment of the un-vaxxed are having consequences.

Politicians will be quick to tell you that all of these measures are to slow the spread of the virus.  The vaccines have laid bare that lie.  The data is clear.  Vaccinated people have accelerated the spread of the virus.  If this was about slowing the spread, vaccinations would have been stopped months ago.  This has never been about slowing the spread of a virus.  This has always been about reversing the gains in human rights achieved over the last 2 centuries.  Politicians want to turn the clock back to feudal times.

The border controls are the most damaging of the policies.  Illegal migrants are unhindered by law enforcement but truckers must comply with ridiculous restrictions.  This achieves nothing other than supply outages.  It is appropriate to temporarily close a border to keep a virus out.  That horse has already left the barn.  Nowhere in the world is untouched by COVID.  You can’t keep something out that is already here.  Restricting travel between 2 places that both have COVID accomplishes nothing.  It is only done for one reason.  To make our lives more difficult.

Politicians are creating an emergency so that they can use the emergency for further restrictions.  This winter we will no doubt see rationing.  Politicians won’t just decide how many times you get jabbed.  They will also decide what you eat, wear, and whether you are allowed to heat your house.

We are at war.  The political elite has declared war on the great unwashed.  If you are wondering who that is, just go look in the mirror.  Jabbed or un-jabbed you are beneath them.  The unique thing about this war is that only one side is fighting.  The side that will surely lose if the unwashed ever wake up.

To the vaccinated who until now have been sleep walking through this conflict; wake up.  This is truly a time where if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.  Your compliance is what makes this work.  Do your cupboards need to go bare this winter before you stop blaming the un-vaxxed and start blaming the real culprits?  When you are hungry this winter do you think these pudgy tyrants will also be hungry?

All of this has been artificial.  COVID was just a bad flu.  If it wasn’t for the media driven panic porn and ridiculous restrictions no one would have even noticed.  Only places where politicians actively killed seniors had deaths outside of normal.

The problems stem entirely from politicians, the root of all evil.  They created an emergency out of a bad flu season.  They used that fake emergency to create another emergency.  Every emergency they create has the same solution.  A total eradication of human rights and increasing intrusion on your life.  Are you tired of this merry go round yet?

COVID Protection comes at an Unreasonable Cost

Despite increasing breakthrough infections media and government still claim the jabs are effective because they result in less severe illness.  I find this odd for 2 reasons.  First the whole concept of breakthrough infections.  The Jabs are not designed to prevent infection just reduce symptoms.  What exactly is the virus breaking through?  We should have expected jabbed people to get infected.

The second reason is how do you measure severity?  The thing that most people seem to forget is that very few people die from COVID.  Does it matter that with the Jabs most people have no symptoms while un-jabbed people get the sniffles?

To be fair to the Jabs, for at least the first 4 months un-jabbed people are more likely to be admitted to the hospital.  Hospital admissions are an objective measure of severity.  So is this proof that the jabs are effective?  Unfortunately with everything COVID the answer is yes, but.

The whole truth is that protection from COVID comes at a very high cost.  The immediate and long term side effects can be deadly.  That is why we are seeing increased all-cause mortality in highly vaccinated countries.  Less people are dying of COVID but more people are dying overall.  I could be wrong but I believe dead is dead.  In the end it does not make much difference how it happened.

People touting the effectiveness of the jabs are focused solely on COVID and are ignoring everything else.  The problem is that Mother Nature does not ignore everything else.  As with “breakthrough infections, increased all-cause mortality should not have been surprising.  Incredibly it happened in the initial vaccine trials.  Pfizer had more deaths in the vaccine group than in the placebo group.  They Vaccine produced more deaths than the placebo, yet the trial was still judged a success because jabbed people died of other causes.  That is what 95% effectiveness looks like.  95% less likely to die of COVID, 100% more likely to die of a secondary malady.

Pfizer is the only vaccine with FDA approval.  How the hell did that happen?  When was the last time the FDA approved a treatment that kills more people than it saves?  The attached video is a very good discussing of the vaccine trial results.  After watching it you will question why we are using any of these treatments.



Vaccine Passports give Government unfettered access to your Body

A Friend of mine sent me this article.

Pennsylvania State Rep. Christopher Rabb Says Parody Bill Calling for Vasectomies for Men 40 and Up Has Led to Death Threats

As you might imagine there was an immediate uproar over this bill followed by death threats.  Representative Rabb now says it was meant as parody.  The Bill certainly reads like a parody but so does the green new deal.  I sincerely doubt this was meant as a joke.  After all this is just the logical extension of vaccine passports.

Several days ago I posted that your vaccine passport will not be reserved just for COVID.  Every year there will be a new virus and another vaccine to add to the list.  You are fooling yourself if you think this will not happen.  You are also fooling yourself if you think vaccines are the only medical procedure that “they” have in mind.

A vaccine passport is a piece of paper affirming that the government has the final say over all medical decisions.  Your right to control your body is now gone.  If the government decides forced sterilization is necessary for the greater good then you will be sterilized.  What do you think would happen if one of the Trudeau children needed a kidney and you were a match?  How long would it be before the police break in your door to take you to the operating room?  Your only consolation would be that they did not need a heart.

The complacency of Canadians never ceases to amaze me.  There was almost no push back when vaccine passports were implemented.  People eagerly gave up the most fundamental of all rights, the right to control your own body.  All they got in return was the privilege of going to a restaurant.  Something humans have been doing for centuries without government approval.  Canadians deserve what is coming.

Will we Slumber until Death?

I found some interesting data out of England this morning.

This is just another plot showing how the jabs make you more likely to get COVID.  In the same report they also had this plot.

This plot shows vaccinated people are being admitted to hospitals less than unvaccinated.  People point to this and say that means the vaccine works.  I say not so fast.  These 2 plots together tell me a completely different story.  On the surface it tells me that the jabs make you less likely to get seriously ill from a disease you are more likely to get.  I am not sure that is a great trade off.  But that is not the important thing to note.  Once again the missing element was time.

Older people were jabbed first.  According to this plot the older you are the less protection you have.  In the 18-29 age group the black bar (Vaccinated) is only about 10% as high as the grey bar (unvaccinated).  That would be close to the 90% effectiveness the pharma companies advertise.  Unfortunately older people who were vaccinated earlier are now down to about 60% protection.  This is after only 7 months.  How long before that reaches 0?

If this was where the story ended you would question whether the temporary protection from the Jabs is of any value.  Unfortunately promoting COVID infections is not the only way the jabs kill.  I found this translated interview with an Italian 911 ambulance doctor.

He has noticed an upturn in activity as well as this.


“Is it as if with the administration of the Covid experimental sera the immune system lowers its defenses, stopping to fight these pathologies that it had previously stabilized?”


This is not the first time a health care provider has made comments on this phenomena.  I saw another account from a cancer nurse who noticed patients who were in remission saw their cancer return after getting jabbed.  It is not unusual for a cancer in remission to come back.  What surprised the nurse was how often they are seeing it and how aggressive the cancer is.

A while ago I posted a video of Dr. Ryan Cole.  Dr. Cole was worried that the suppression of T cell activity caused by the Jabs would lead to other diseases including cancer.  He was already be seeing indications of this in his patients.  That coupled with the Italian interview made me curious.  Could I see indications of this in the mortality data?  Euromomo is a research organization that tracks mortality statistics for 29 European countries.  The plot below is from their website.  The plot shows all-cause mortality for the 29 combined countries starting Mid-March of 2021 (week 10).

The shaded blue area is normal.  The dotted red line indicates what they consider to be substantially above normal.  You can see that for almost all of 2021 actual deaths (solid blue line) have been substantially above normal.

Euromomo also slices the data by age group and this is where it gets really interesting.

The only age group that is not seeing this mysterious increase in mortality is children under 14.  This is the only age group that has not been vaccinated.  That bears repeating.  The only age group not seeing abnormally high mortality is the group THAT HAVE NOT BEEN JABBED.  How much longer are we going to ignore the evidence that the jabs are lethal?  Will this increased mortality tapper off?  My guess is no; especially if you take the boosters.

The Jabs offer very little protection from COVID, a disease that threatens only a select few.  Jabbing everyone exposes everyone to a laundry list of deadly conditions.  This is not about a virus.  It is way past time to wake up.


Our decrepit Health Care System won’t survive Jason and Deena

For 2 years Albertans have been told that we need to lockdown and throw people in to unemployment to protect our health care system.  Isn’t this backwards?  I thought the whole point of a Healthcare system was for it to protect the citizens.  Why do we fund a system that we cannot use when we need it?  Why aren’t all Canadians asking that question now?

So how close did we come to overwhelming our system?  Well Alberta has 373 ICU beds and at the peak we had 268 people in the ICU.  72% of the ICU was just for COVID.  I guess we had a problem then, right?  Yes but not the problem that you think.  Our problems once again stem from our government.

Alberta has 373 ICU beds for 4.4 million people.  Alabama has 1531 ICU beds for 4.9 million people.  On a per capita basis Alabama has 3.7 times as many ICU beds as Alberta.  Unfortunately that number still makes Alberta look better than it actually is.  Per capita Alberta is the richest Canadian province.  Alabama on the other hand is 46th out of 50 states.  If we compare ICU beds per dollar of GDP Alabama has nearly 5 times as many ICU beds as Alberta.

That is what government run health care gets you; 80% fewer ICU beds.  We did not shut down our economy and trample people’s rights because of a virus.  We did it to cover up how poorly managed our system is.  Jason Kenney (Premier) and Deena Hinshaw (Chief medical officer) are not just evil, they are incompetent as well.

Unfortunately for Albertan’s those 2 evil incompetents are not done ruining the system.  At the end of this month all Alberta Health services employees must be fully vaccinated.  Jason and Deena are getting ready to fire nurses.  Firing nurses going in to cold and flu season is a very bad idea.  Firing nurses when there is a serious shortage of nurses is an enormously bad idea.  According to StatsCan nursing is the most understaffed occupation in the country.

Vacancies in health care and social assistance increased by 40,800 (+59.9%) from the second quarter of 2019 to the second quarter of 2021, the largest increase of any sector. This increase brought the number of vacancies in the sector to 108,800, representing one in seven job vacancies in Canada. Vacancies grew in all subsectors, led by hospitals and nursing and residential care facilities.

If this really was about public health they would not be firing nurses.  This is not about a virus.  Australia is not the only country that needs to investigate politicians for corruption.

Jabs and Lockdowns are part of the Same Strategy

I was following some links this morning and I found this video.  I do not know who this doctor is but he presents pre and post jab blood work for one of his patients.  The Blood work shows that post Jab his immune system has been compromised and his body is dealing with tissue damage.


The Jabs are supposed to give you an immune system boost but they are doing the opposite.  During a pandemic we are giving people an injection that increases their susceptibility to infections and cancers.  That hardly sounds like good public health policy.

Doctors who are struggling to find ways to treat their vax injured patients are now doing research that should have (and might have) been done already.  Below is a video of Dr. Madej detailing how vaccines contain material she has never seen before.


Not only do the “vaccines” contain unexplainable material, they also do unexplainable things to your blood.  Something that Dr. Botha is discovering.

No one seems to know what is in the vaccines or what they do to your body yet we are jabbing children.  Are we insane?  Any doctor that tells you the vaccines are safe is a liar or a quack.  There is no long term data.  No one knows if these problems are permanent.  The Vaccine trials have obviously been gamed.  The pharmaceutical companies either did not do these tests or suppressed the data.  That is either Criminal negligence or just plain criminal.

Several doctors have now described how their jabbed patients’ blood work indicates an auto immune disease.  Even if this effect is not permanent it can still lead to deaths in the short term.  Maybe that is why Ireland is seeing excess deaths of all causes right now.

It is hard to say if the excess deaths in Ireland are related to the jabs because the jabs are not the only public health issue right now.  This could also be lingering effects of the lockdowns.  Everything politicians have forced on the public for the last 20 months is detrimental to health.  Enforced isolation, prolonged mask wearing, and closure of fitness facilities will all produce long term health issues.

If the vaccines and restrictions were for our benefit how come none of it was good for us?  How much longer are we going to allow government to keep us on this slow death march?  People better wake up and stop complying before they become a prosecution exhibit in the Nuremberg II trials.