On Mother’s Day everyone needs to listen to this Mother’s Story

When the lockdowns began any sane rational person knew lockdowns were cruel.  Forcing unemployment and financial difficulties on millions of young people would inevitably result in tragedy.  I could rant on about this for pages but I can’t tell a story more tragic than this.


Jason Kenney and Justin Trudeau pulled the rug out from under 2 young men struggling to put their lives back together.  This is not over until both those men are in prison.

Is it finally Time to Prosecute the Criminals?

On Sept 13th 2021 I published an article detailing 4 reasons why I choose not to be vaccinated.  Looking back 7 months later I think my 4 reasons have stood up well but I realize I missed one very important reason.  With the passage of time that reason has emerged as the primary factor why I still choose to be unvaccinated.

  1. I refuse to play along with my government’s disgusting agenda and allow them to continue pretending any of this was necessary.

If everyone gets vaccinated the evil bastards in our government can declare vindication.  They will claim COVID was a great plague stamped out by their lockdowns and vaccinations.  If I knuckle under those criminals will get away with their crimes.  They will get away with murder.

I have presented data many times that clearly illustrates that there was no emergency.  There was a new respiratory virus but there are always new respiratory viruses; especially now when sociopaths like Anthony Fauci build and release them.  A new virus does not automatically constitute an emergency and COVID was definitely not an emergency.  Canada saw only 1 bad flu season comparable to the 2017/18 flu season.  One bad flu season is an ordinary occurrence it is not an emergency.

Canada is not the only country where there was no emergency.  Almost every country saw death totals around or even below normal and as I have shown numerous times, less fanatical restrictions resulted in fewer deaths.  I am not the only person who has noticed this.  Ivor Cummins has produced another superb video showing, again, any place that was able to reign in politicians really did not have a problem.


The data Ivor presents from Japan clearly illustrated lack of a problem is not due to the lack of a virus.  The same thing can be seen in this study out of the US indicating 2 out of every 3 children has had COVID, most of them without ever knowing they were infected.

For 2 years we have not had a problem with COVID, the problem as always was politicians and bureaucrats.  Government may not be the root of all evil but they surely are the source of most of it.  Government mandates increased the death count.  Lockdowns killed and so do the vaccines.  Dropping the mandates is not enough though, this will not be over until the guilty are punished.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have been advocating criminal prosecution for Politicians and senior bureaucrats for months but there seems to be no appetite for justice in Canada.  Some politicians are now against mandates but their opposition is tepid at best.  Most of the candidates vying for the conservative leadership want mandates dropped.  Unfortunately their positions are all the same, mandates should be dropped because they are no longer necessary.  That implies they believe at one time mandates were necessary.  Not a single one of them has the intelligence or balls to state mandates were never necessary.

For the longest time I was just a voice in the wilderness.  It looked like politicians would get away with their crimes.  Recently, however, there is reason for hope.  Dr. Naomi Wolf is calling for criminal prosecution and Malcom Roberts Just went scorched earth in Australia.  Senator Roberts made no bones about it; laws were broken and he will not rest until the criminals are punished.  His short statement is the best thing I have seen or heard in more than 2 years.


The CBC is Canada’s Ministry of Truth

Our governments have failed us.  Most people have not yet realized magnitude of failure is and the government is desperate to keep it that way.  That is why government is going to such extremes to control information.  If people have access to information eventually most will discover things government would rather keep hidden.

Take inflation for example.  Inflation is a huge problem.  Rapidly rising prices are eroding standard of living and the hardest hit as always will be poor.  Government wants you to believe that inflation is not their fault.  They want you to believe the fault lies with Vladimir Putin and the war in Ukraine.

There are a couple obvious problems with that explanation.  How did a war that started 2 months ago cause inflation that started over a year ago?  If the war caused inflation how does raising interest rates stop it?  Will higher interest rates stop the war?  These questions are very problematic for government and they have decided preventing people from asking problematic questions is easier than answering problematic questions.

The inflation we see right now is the direct result of COVID policies.  Enormous deficit spending and destruction of the supply chain with over regulation got us here.  If we want to fix inflation we need to drop the regulations and stop printing money.  Inflation is caused by government and we will never fix it until we fix government.  The war in Ukraine has almost nothing to do with it.  Go ahead and be angry at Vladimir Putin but remember Putin is not the enemy impacting your life.  Your own government is.

The empty suits in legislatures and parliaments are largely too stupid to understand inflation but the script writers are not.  They know that inflation is caused by government policy.  They also know controlling information is vital to propagating lies and misdirection.  As long as you blame Putin for inflation you will never turn your angry towards the real culprits in government.

Retaining power and avoiding lynch mobs is contingent on controlling information that is why the US started a ministry of truth.  The ministry of truth will make sure that government lies will be forefront and truth will be hidden.  Thankfully not everyone in the US thinks this is a good idea.  If you want a cold hard slap of reality a good place to look is always Rand Paul.


Any student of history will tell you government is always the largest generator of miss and disinformation.  Even the words misinformation and disinformation are misinformation and disinformation.  They are words created by government to describe truthful information that they do not want you to know.

It is not just the Biden administration that is desperate to control information.  This is a global phenomenon that the Trudeau government endorses whole heartedly.  Canadian bureaucrats always jump at the opportunity to extoling the virtues of Tyranny.  The spymaster general in Canada is fully on board.  So the guy who, by the nature of his job, knows all the dirty secrets thinks it is a good idea to keep you in the dark.  Thankfully average Canadians do not agree.


It is nice to see that average Canadians do not agree with government censorship but it is also unsettling to see how incredibly naïve Canadians are.  Canadians don’t want a ministry of truth but they don’t realize we already have one called the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).  The CBC is the largest Media Company in Canada with access to unlimited taxpayer funds.  The CBC has long used their influence to misdirect Canadians.  Just yesterday a friend sent me this great example the CBC jumping to the aid of government.

The article is about the tragic death of a young woman.  So how does this article serve government?  Well think about it for a minute.  It is truly sad that this young woman died but why is her death worthy of national attention?  What is the purpose of this article?

An extremely fit, healthy, young woman just died suddenly from a pulmonary embolism.  2 years ago this was a very rare occurrence, now it is not.  Stories of young athletes dying are becoming common.  The more this happens the more people will question it.  The CBC is trying to get out in front of this to deflect blame away from government.  With this article the CBC is trying to normalize the sudden death of young people.  If they can convince you that this is normal and has always happened you won’t seek the truth.  A truth the government does not want you to know.

This young woman just graduated from Fredericton University.  A place where students had to be either vaccinated or regularly tested, something most students cannot afford.  What do you think the odds are that she was vaccinated?  Here is the truth the CBC wants to misdirect you from; COVID vaccines kill fit, healthy, young people.

Inflation is caused by government policy and COVID Vaccines can kill.  Don’t hold your breath waiting for the CBC to tell you that.

In Canada the Communism clock is 4 minutes to Midnight

Communism and its evil twin socialism are the largest killers of the 20th century.  It is shameful that people flee communism only to arrive in the west and find it here.


Make no mistake we are closer to this than you think.  Canada has already signed the WEF “Agile Nations” agreement.  “Agile Nations” like Canada have agreed to set up digital ID to collect information which will allow the government to react more quickly.  Since the Trudeau liberals only concern is oppressing Canadians it is clear what they will react quickly to.

Did you know that the WEF has now somehow become an international agency that brokers agreements?  Klaus Schwab is a comic book character.  He is Dr. Evil of the Austin Powers moves.  We should be mocking him and instead Justin Trudeau sits down and signs agreements with him. Justin and Klaus may be comical figures but they are no laughing matter.

Justin is leading us down a very dangerous path to tyranny and Canadians who believe that this cannot happen in Canada are simply not paying attention.  This is already happening in Canada.  Not only did Trudeau order police to trample seniors with horses he also ordered the military to spy on the freedom convoy.  Canadians can no longer trust their police or military.  I am sure this is also something immigrants from communist countries recognize.  Justin Trudeau has corrupted our institutions.  The RCMP no longer get their man.  They only get the people Justin orders them to.  Justin’s only issue right now is identifying all the people he needs to persecute.  That problem goes away as soon as the digital IDs arrive.

Canadians have lost their way and they don’t even know they are lost.  Since the election of Justin Trudeau, freedom is disappearing at an alarming rate.  The COVID plandemic was used to eliminate every single right in the charter while at the same time new nonsensical rights were invented.  Canadian’s no longer have freedom of movement and association.  Property rights and the right of equal treatment under the law are also gone.  The government now dictates which, how many, and when visitors are allowed in our homes.  You can now be picked up on the street for the crime of upsetting Justin Trudeau.

Not to worry though, the charter has seemingly been re-written to include these new rights.

  • Freedom to agree with government.
  • Freedom to advocate for violence against people who don’t agree with government.
  • The right to force unemployment on others to improve your feelings of safety and virtuousness.

We are moving towards total government control of everything which is of course communism.  You know the thing that Justin Trudeau admires even more than his teenage students.


“Journalism” keeps Canadians Distracted and Blind

A few weeks ago I linked an article about a mysterious hepatitis outbreak in children.  It seems that article left out a very important detail that Tedros explains here.



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These Children developed all of the symptoms of hepatitis without being infected with any of the viruses known to cause hepatitis.  If we had a single honest journalist in this country the headline would scream;

COVID vaccines cause liver failure in Children

Unfortunately in 2022 honest journalism does not exist in Canada.  Journalists just publish government press releases without asking any questions, even the obvious ones.  I have no desire to wade in to the re-ignited abortion debate in the US but a came across an article that perfectly illustrates the sad state of journalism in Canada.

By now most people have heard of the leaked document indicating the US Supreme Court might overturn Roe v Wade.  It has been widely reported that overturning Roe v wade effectively outlaws abortion except of course it doesn’t.  All it does is state that abortion is not constitutionally protected.  All this means is that governments are free to draft laws governing abortion.  They can ban it, allow it, or set conditions on it.  All options are on the table.  In a functioning democracy this means politicians would draft a law that reflects the will of the people.

The fact that politicians can no longer hide behind the court means that they must tread carefully and at least in this instance listen to the citizens.  That is the point.  If you listen to the citizens it is unlikely that abortion will be banned anywhere.  Most people are not in favor of banning abortions so likely laws will be passed everywhere that regulate but do not ban abortions.

Common sense says that abortions will not be banned but common sense never prevents mindless virtue signaling from the left.  No organization is better at mindless virtue signally than the Trudeau liberals so Karina Gould, minister of families, children and social development felt compelled to wade in to US politics.  As per their unwritten agreement with Justin Trudeau the CBC reporter dutifully recorded every inane thing this minister uttered without question.  Since the CBC did not ask the obvious questions I will.

  1. Why the hell does abortion fall under the minister of families, children and social development? Doesn’t abortion prevent every one of those?
  2. Why is a ministry of families, children, and social development even necessary? Haven’t all of those existed for thousands of years without government intervention?
  3. How did the right to abortion survive COVID? In the last 2 years Canadians have been deprived of every right specifically mentioned in the Charter of rights and freedoms yet the right to an abortion, which is not even mentioned in the charter, survived?  Does that mean we can get our other rights back by removing them from the charter?
  4. We shut down the entire country for 2 years because we did not have the health care capacity to handle cold and flu season. How did we suddenly find the capacity to offer abortion services to every woman in the US, a country 10 times larger than Canada?
  5. If we have the capacity to offer abortions to 10 times as many women why is minister Gould concerned than Canadian Women may no longer be able to get abortions in the US?

Karina Gould is obviously an idiot.  She had free reign to issue any statement she wanted, including no statement on something that does not concern Canadians.  She also has a large taxpayer funded staff to help her prepare statements yet she could not prepare one that did not contradict itself multiple times.  Peter Zimonjic, the CBC propagandist, might be stupid, corrupt or both.  It is hard to say what reason he has for failing to do his job.

This is the sad reality of Canada.  Cabinet ministers are stupid because intelligence is shunned by the Trudeau liberals, just ask Jody Wilson-Raybould.  Corruption on the other hand is held in very high regard which makes Pete Zimonjic and the entire CBC very valuable to Justin Trudeau.  Justin is willing to spend billions of your taxes to ensure journalism remains a joke in Canada.  We are so screwed.


Our “Free” Press Campaigns against Freedom

Justin Trudeau brokered a deal with Jagmeet Singh that will keep him in power for 3 more years.  The liberal party hopes that 3 years will be enough time for people to forget the disgusting things government has done in the name of public safety.  3 years is certainly enough time to imprison every free thinking Canadian since there really aren’t many of them.  There is, however, an unusual problem the liberals need to deal with before imprisoning free thinkers.  This time for some unexplained reason, the conservatives don’t seem to be cooperating.

The Conservatives are in the middle of a leadership race and this time it might actually be different.  Gone are the days of Andrew Shear and Erin O’Toole.  2 empty suits parachuted into the leadership to ensure Justin Trudeau got re-elected.  Men who took such tepid positions on everything they offered no alternative to liberal tyranny.  This campaign there are several candidates who refuse to play the game by the old rules.  Rather than focusing on phony issues like climate change they are focusing on the very real issue of Freedom.

Of course the script writers are still trying to run the old playbook.  They have parachuted Jean Charest in to the contest to be the next Shear/O’Toole.  The literal straw man for Trudeau to bowl over in the next election.  Unfortunately the poll numbers indicate that Charest is not up to the task of throwing the next election.  Right now the top 2 candidates are 2 pro freedom candidates.

Trudeau’s first impulse is undoubtable to imprison both Poilievre and Lewis but it appears the script writers don’t agree.  Their approach is more subtle and has always worked in the past.  The game plan right now is to appeal to the stupidity of Canadians.  The script writers have turned to their favorite pet, the media, to convince Canadians what a bad idea freedom is.  According to Stephanie Taylor freedom is passé, it is so 2019.  Conservatives should not focus on freedom because she has on good authority that the COVID tyranny has passed and Canadians have moved on.

“Paradis said focusing on mandates is an effective way to gain traction in a leadership contest. But the party risks expending too much energy on pandemic policies that are no longer in effect and that wider Canadian society has moved on from.”

I think Stephanie might have a hard time convincing city of Hamilton employees that the tyranny has passed and should be forgotten.  Of course, this is not over.  Every level of government in this country is throwing a hissy fit over people who will not blindly obey.  Stephanie knows this as well so her attack is 2 pronged.  Even in Canada you can find people not willing to forgive governments abolition of freedom that resulted in an unprecedented 2 year killing spree.  Stephanie’s argument to the less forgiving is that you don’t want freedom anyway.  Freedom can be dangerous.  If doctors were free to act they might destroy the government’s plans by saving people without Justin getting any income form vaccines.

“Former NHL player Theo Fleury, whose social media feeds are filled with anti-vaccination statements, has been campaigning for Bourgault. The candidate touts medically disproven alternative treatments for COVID-19 such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine with zinc.” 

The lies about, Ivermectin, HCQ and the vaccines sure have legs.  The evidence in support of Ivermectin and HCQ is overwhelming while every day brings more bad news about the vaccines.  Europe is admitting to 44,000 vaccine deaths and 2,000,000 serious injuries.  If this is what they admit to, how bad are the real numbers?

Vaccine deaths and injuries are not important to Stephanie Taylor or any other member of the Canadian Press.  To Stephanie and her co-conspirators the vaccines are safe.  It is Freedom that is dangerous.

This is not about a virus and the enemy is among us.




Canada has descended in to a Police State.

The rolling thunder protest arrived in Ottawa and was greeted by riot police.  People were arrested for the crime of protesting.  It is not that they were protesting it is what they are protesting.  Protesting, even violently, is legal in Canada as long as you are protesting in support of the government.  Protesting government actions or decisions is a serious crime in Canada; although you won’t find it written down anywhere in law.

The Trudeau government has an intense hatred of pipelines and Albertans.   That’s why on February 17th, 3 days after the emergency declaration, anti-pipeline activists were allowed to violently protest the construction of the coastal gas slink pipeline.  The protesters attacked and threatened workers with axes before using the axes to destroy expensive equipment.  No arrests were made, no bank accounts seized, not even a single senior citizen was trampled by a police horse.  These protesters were useful idiots doing exactly what the Trudeau government wanted so their violence had no consequences.

The Canadian government is at war with their citizens; not all of their citizens jut the fringe minority with unacceptable beliefs.  The most unacceptable belief in Canada is rule of law. Rule of law is an ancient belief not seen in Canada for quite some time yet some lunatics still cling to it.  These people believe that honking a horn is not a crime but assault with an axe is.

Man are they misguided.  How many more seniors need to be trampled before they understand?  It does not matter that you honk a horn or strike with an axe.  All that matters is who you honk at and who you assault.  The recipient determines whether or not it is a crime.  People who agree with the government are protected; people who disagree are not.

Canada’s transition away from rule of law has certainly changed the nature of policing.  Their sole responsibility is now protecting the government.  Protecting the public is no longer in their job description.  Of course the police did have a choice in all of this but in Trudeau’s dirty little war the police have chosen to side with totalitarianism.

There was a time when I backed police; those days are over.  Now I am not just solidly in the defund police movement, I am in favor of disbanding the police completely.  We would be better off with no police than to have these uniformed sociopaths.

More evidence Lockdowns Kill

A paper was published recently that looked at excess deaths in 2020.  They use all-cause mortality which is the only number that counts.  The paper compares wealthy countries with old populations.  Every country in the group except Sweden utilized harsh lockdowns.  The plot below shows the peer group and their relative rankings in overall excess deaths.

Two very important things can be seen from this plot.  First the lighter touch used by Sweden produced one of the best overall results.  Second, and more importantly, Sweden is the only country that had no excess deaths of people under 75.

COVID killed almost exclusively ill people older than 75.  The average age of a COVID fatality was higher than the average life expectancy in these countries.  People under 75 largely did not die of COVID yet every country that utilized harsh lockdowns had significant excess deaths for people under 75.  These are not COVID deaths they are lockdown deaths.

When a senior dies of a respiratory illness it is tragic but the impact on society is not high.  These unfortunate souls did not have much time left even if they had avoided illness that winter.  The death of a young person is far more impactful to society.  These people still had years left to contribute to the economy and often have dependents, other than the leeches in government.  The best way then to evaluate impact is to look at years of life lost.  You can see that plot below.

Canadian politicians love to brag about the effectiveness of their pandemic response but look where Canada is in terms of years of life lost.  Canada’s pandemic response was one of the worst in the peer group.  The only favorable comparison is the US where Anthony Fauci actively killed people with Remdesivir.  Canadians chose a more passive approach and killed people with isolation, stress, and medical neglect.  Even our passive approach proved to be a very effective form of euthanasia.

In 2020 Canadian Governments eliminated 149,000 years of life.  This is nothing short of state sanctioned murder and no one is being held to account, something Neil Oliver correctly points out.


Neil Oliver calls these people Buffoons.  They are surely buffoons but they are much more than that.  They are murderers.  The UK government killed even more of its citizens than the Canadian Government did.  They cannot be allowed to get away with this.  Anything government gets away with they will do again.  Do we really want to watch government commit mass murder again next winter?