Alberta Health Services is just another Weapon wielded by Government.

The attached audio file is the taped phone conversation between a seriously ill woman and someone from Alberta Health Services (AHS).  In Canada the provincial governments provide health care.  The government does not just pay the bills they run the whole system.  They are the sole provider of almost all health services.  That’s what makes this phone conversation so ominous.


This woman is seriously ill.  She will die without a lung transplant but all that concerns AHS is whether she is vaccinated.  First the AHS employee tries to convince her that modern medicine does many things with terrible side effects so the vaccine is no big deal.  What she does not say is that those risks are taken because there is no other option.  That is not the case with COVID.

For 10 minutes she tries every argument to convince her patient, then she resorts to a threat.   No jab no transplant.  She is so worried about post-transplant complications from COVID that she thinks the better option is to let the patient die from lung failure.  Ironically if she takes the vaccine she may also die from lung failure.  Isn’t socialized medicine grand?

Everyone who advocates for socialized medicine needs to understand; anything provided by the government can be withheld on a whim.  Most people think that vaccine passports are just for discretionary activities.  Recreational activities like travel, concerts, and dinner outings.  Those things are just where it starts.  Alberta doesn’t even have vaccine passports yet, somehow, you need one to access health care.

All roads lead to vaccine passports and the control that they give governments over every aspect of our lives.  Or in this poor woman’s case; even control over her death.

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