Canada, The New Face of Communism

Today is Earth day.  It is a Day we are supposed to reflect on our impact on the planet.  When is Civilization day?  We really should set aside a day to reflect on how politicians are destroying civilization.  I think Jason Kenney’s or Justin Trudeau’s birthday would be a logical day to choose.

My family just finished observing our first civilization day.  After careful reflection, my daughter said something incredible to me.  She is considering international work.  Her reason?  She just wanted to go somewhere that there was freedom.  I could not argue with her logic.  There are many places with more freedom than Canada.

10 years ago, when you thought of Freedom you thought of Canada, the US, or western Europe.  How times have changed.  The once Free western world is almost entirely under Tyranny right now.  Ireland just passed this new law.

If you are vaccinated, live in the right geographic area, and have a reasonable excuse, you can now meet with friends.  Can’t you just smell the freedom emanating from that law?  This is from a country that has seen almost no excess deaths from COVID.  Over the last 7 weeks Ireland has experienced far fewer than normal deaths.

In Canada, our petty Tyrants do not even bother passing new laws.  They now just rule by royal decree.  As I discussed yesterday, Canada had a completely normal Cold and Flu season.  Despite that, 4 provinces are now putting restrictions on movement.  The restrictions are very specific though.  They only apply to Canadian citizens.  International travelers and illegal immigrants are still welcome.  These days, in Canada, a Canadian passport is the equivalent of a yellow star.

Of course, we are told freedom is impossible because of all the cases.  Many Provinces like Alberta are seeing very high numbers of cases.

There is one pertinent detail the government no longer likes to talk about.  We have a lot of cases but almost no deaths.

Alberta had no excess deaths for the first 36 weeks of the lockdown.  COVID simply did not get established in Alberta before spring arrived.  In the second season of COVID, Alberta did see excess deaths but by the first week in February everything was back to normal.  Yet here we are still in lockdown.

By mid-February cases had and deaths had both fallen dramatically.  This was a real problem for the government.  People might get the crazy idea that it was over.  Right on cue our cases began to soar.  Until mid-February cases and deaths rose and fell together but that is no longer the case.  There are only 2 possible explanations.

  1. The new variants are not deadly.


  1. The cases are completely fictitious.

Governments are justifying lockdowns based on the case numbers.  Guess who controls the case numbers.  A group of the most dishonest people our country has ever produced tell us we are still in a pandemic.  We can not regain our freedom until the case numbers come down and they will never let the case numbers come down.

I grew up during the cold war.  The west always represented freedom and the east represented evil tyranny.  The situation is now completely reversed.  While Canadians are under the jack boot of rogue government this is what it looks like in the old Soviet Union.


We did not defeat communism during the cold war.  We just convinced it to leave the east and move to the west.  My children have some hard choices to make.

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  1. Dale Szott
    Dale Szott says:

    If a kid tests positive in school then they want the whole class to test and their contacts and the teachers and their contacts. Then if one of them test positive the same thing happens. Many of these are false positives. There’s kids that aren’t the least bit sick but they tested positive. They can keep this charade running forever. Will the sheep ever wake up??

  2. Tim
    Tim says:

    The numbers are completely bogus. Someone is lying about the positives to keep this scam going. Is it the politicians, the people giving them their numbers or both? I smell a rat.

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