COVID 19 is a Criminal Conspiracy and Fauci is in the Middle of it.

When COVID started a few scientists stepped forward and offered their opinion that the virus was manmade.  This caused an immediate reaction.  If the virus was manmade then this whole thing was a criminal conspiracy.  An investigation should have been opened.  Instead all that happened was Anthony Fauci started working the Phone.  The high priest of COVID phoned the top doctors in several governments to make sure they would stay on script.  Just like that the virus came from Bats that were never in a wet market.

As part of his campaign of disinformation, Fauci wrote a series of emails to medical officials in England.  The Daily Mail wondered what was discussed.  These officials were government employees and as such their communication should be public record.  The daily mail sent a freedom of information request to get the emails.  This is what they received.

Almost every word has been redacted.  Normally you only redact matters of national security and information of ongoing criminal investigations.  Even though it would be entirely appropriate, I sincerely doubt anyone is investigating Anthony Fauci.  There can be no legitimate reason to redact a single word in these emails.  It was obviously done to cover Fauci’s efforts to obscure the real origin of the virus.

Go ahead.  Tell me this whole thing was not a conspiracy.  This ends when we stop complying and throw these bastards in prison.  Arresting Fauci would be a good start on our road back to normal.

It is not often we get honest journalism.  Take the time to read the article.  You can find it here.

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