COVID Protection comes at an Unreasonable Cost

Despite increasing breakthrough infections media and government still claim the jabs are effective because they result in less severe illness.  I find this odd for 2 reasons.  First the whole concept of breakthrough infections.  The Jabs are not designed to prevent infection just reduce symptoms.  What exactly is the virus breaking through?  We should have expected jabbed people to get infected.

The second reason is how do you measure severity?  The thing that most people seem to forget is that very few people die from COVID.  Does it matter that with the Jabs most people have no symptoms while un-jabbed people get the sniffles?

To be fair to the Jabs, for at least the first 4 months un-jabbed people are more likely to be admitted to the hospital.  Hospital admissions are an objective measure of severity.  So is this proof that the jabs are effective?  Unfortunately with everything COVID the answer is yes, but.

The whole truth is that protection from COVID comes at a very high cost.  The immediate and long term side effects can be deadly.  That is why we are seeing increased all-cause mortality in highly vaccinated countries.  Less people are dying of COVID but more people are dying overall.  I could be wrong but I believe dead is dead.  In the end it does not make much difference how it happened.

People touting the effectiveness of the jabs are focused solely on COVID and are ignoring everything else.  The problem is that Mother Nature does not ignore everything else.  As with “breakthrough infections, increased all-cause mortality should not have been surprising.  Incredibly it happened in the initial vaccine trials.  Pfizer had more deaths in the vaccine group than in the placebo group.  They Vaccine produced more deaths than the placebo, yet the trial was still judged a success because jabbed people died of other causes.  That is what 95% effectiveness looks like.  95% less likely to die of COVID, 100% more likely to die of a secondary malady.

Pfizer is the only vaccine with FDA approval.  How the hell did that happen?  When was the last time the FDA approved a treatment that kills more people than it saves?  The attached video is a very good discussing of the vaccine trial results.  After watching it you will question why we are using any of these treatments.



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