COVID to Communism in the Blink of an Eye

There is enough evidence now that Locking people down produced no better results than time worn, common-sense, measures.  So why are we still locked down?  The simple answer is COVID lockdowns have nothing to do with a virus.  They are only about control.

32 years after the fall of communism, it is back.  This time there was no revolution.  No execution of any royal families.  This time the take over was slower and more complete.  Totalitarian ideologues have slowly taken over governments all over the world.  Some like Alberta’s evil Troll Jason Kenney disguised themselves as ardent capitalists.

When Jason Kenney arrived, he was sold as a free market capitalist completely opposed to the old school communist Rachel Notley.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Jason and Rachel are not just peas from the same pod.  They are twins separated at birth and raised on separate communist communes.

Rachel, Jason, Justin, and a host of others are globalists.  That is a new name for communist.  They firmly believe that government should be all encompassing.  They also believe ordinary citizens should have no say in government.  To them, Government is far to important to be polluted by the opinions of the great unwashed.  Citizens are merely taxpayers.  They exist only to feed and obey government.

Globalists are in charge all over the western world.  COVID was their opportunity to drop the mask and finish solidifying their position.  So far it has gone incredibly well for the globalists.  All it took was a little well cultivated, irrational fear.  We should be fearful of government.  Instead, we are fearful of a run of the mill respiratory virus.

The globalists do not yet have complete control.  In some places they are getting pushback from citizens, the police, and the courts.  So far, the pushback in Canada has been quite mild.  Demonstrations in most cities have been quite small and there is no way our left-wing courts will stand up for individual rights.  They never have before, they are not about to start now.  That just leaves the police.

Thankfully, the police in Ontario would not enforce Doug Ford’s travel ban.  Now the RCMP have announced that they will not enforce John Horgan’s ban in BC.  The police union released this statement.

This is a good start but a partial victory at best.  The police are still enforcing many other ridiculous restrictions.  Unfortunately, there is still not much opposition to the communist takeover of Canada.  Most Canadians are quite comfortable with complete government control.  Chinese troops training on Canadian soil is unlikely to be a one off.  At what point do we stop calling it Canadian soil?

The situation in Europe is quite different.  Demonstrations in Europe are large and getting larger.


The courts in Europe have also stepped in to help.  In a recent case a German judge allowed evidence on the harm and effectiveness of masks.  After considering both sides he ruled that masks cannot be imposed in schools.  It is hardly a surprise that the evidence did not support masks as an effective measure, after all we have known that since 1920.

It is quite surprising that a judge even allowed this in his court.  This is a positive turn of events for the German people.  If the courts start doing their jobs all the government has left is the police.  Of course, the German government understands this.  They know their position is perilous.  They need to bring the courts back in line.  Police were dispatched quickly to harass the offending judge.

Western civilization is on a precipice.  Some governments are finding their transition to communism is no longer smooth.  The next few months will determine if we live in free societies or prisons.  Sadly, that ship has already sailed in Canada.  We can’t blame a virus, only ourselves.

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  1. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    It didn’t take much. Sadly I think society was just ready to fall into communism the signs were everywhere. It just needed a trigger. Now we’re in for a battle. There are not many youth on our side. Historically that is not a good sign.

  2. Tim
    Tim says:

    I believe we need to stand up and fight but the only problem I see is when we do that they will impose martial law immediately which is exactly what they want. So be prepared to fight hard and don’t quit. Lock and load!


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