COVID Vaccines are Experimental Treatments and Must Be Voluntary

This is a very good video summary about the vaccines.


The Video does not cover any ground I have not discussed before.  The government has not been honest with you.  This is the Truth about the COVID Vaccines

  1. They are not Vaccines. Vaccines provide long lasting complete immunity by introducing a small amount of the virus and allowing your body to deal with it.  The COVID treatments are an experimental treatment that give you a head start if you do get infected.
  2. This is still experimental. mRNA has never been used to vaccinate humans before.
  3. They do not prevent infection. The only immunity the Vaccine provides is immunity from prosecution for the manufacturers.
  4. Because you can still get infected you can still spread the virus.
  5. The benefit from the treatment is temporary. You will have to get regular booster shots if you want to maintain the protection it provides.  Eventually, you will get infected and develop natural immunity.  If you had no symptoms you would not be aware that you are now immune.  This leads to continuing yearly boosters that you no longer need.  Repeatedly treating immune patients is the pharmaceutical companies’ collective wet dream.

Anyone who takes these treatments is agreeing to be part of an experiment.  This is the largest human trial in history.  This should be voluntary.  Any compulsion of coercion by Government is immoral.  Unfortunately, Canadian Premiers are all tying resumption of rights with vaccination levels.  That tells you what kind of person is in Government in Canada.  They are all sociopaths with no understanding of ethics or morals.

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  1. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    Keep it up Richard. Freedom rally at legislature in Edmonton tomorrow may 26 at 3 pm. Chris Sky May 29 in Calgary. I hope there are thousands


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