Don’t Accept another Lockdown this Winter.

This morning I came across this article.

Which led me to this paper.

A preprint of this paper was available in July and it finished peer review in August.  The researchers were checking blood samples for Covid 19 T cells.  I have discussed T cells in previous posts.  Normal immune response produces anti-bodies (sometimes called B cells) to attack the virus and T cells to attack infected cells.  Antibodies are temporary lasting 4 to 6 months after infection.  T cells can last for years.

Lasting immunity comes from T cells because of their longevity and specialized function.  Memory T cells hold instructions about which antibodies are needed if the virus reappears.  That is why the mRNA vaccines are temporary and technically not a vaccine at all.  They do not provoke a T cell response.  Without the T cells the protection is only partial and lasts less than 6 months.

Much has been made about testing for COVID 19 antibodies but as you can guess from my description testing for antibodies does not tell the whole story.  If a person was exposed more than 6 months ago they will not have any antibodies but they will be immune.  Testing for T cells gives a much better picture.  These researchers tested for T cells and found the virus is more widely spread than we thought.

46% of people donating blood had T cells.  These people were already immune.  We are told that we need to vaccinate more than 70% to reach herd immunity.  How does that work when nearly 50% of people are already immune?  If you vaccinate indiscriminately 50% of the time you are wasting resources on people who did not need it.

One of the authors also points out that by May 2020 nearly 30% of blood donors had T cells.  So only 2 months in to the pandemic 30% of people had already been infected?  This is possible but unlikely.  This result calls in to question the timeline.  It would indicate that the virus was circulating much earlier than March 2020 when all the stupidity began.  I know this will be very unsettling for Covidiots.  Several months passed without them blindly panicking and screaming at unmasked people.  This was a huge missed opportunity for them.

The high level of exposure and timeline was, however, not what interested me most.  The finding that caught my eye was that 67% of exposed family members developed T cells.  In a previous post I presented contact tracing data that showed when a symptomatic person quarantined at home only 18% of the time did anyone else in the family get sick.  Now we know that even though only 18% got sick 67% developed immunity.  Approximately 50% of the time direct exposure results in immunity without illness.

I found this interesting because it tells us something about lockdowns.  Even if they work they don’t work.  Herd immunity is a good thing and with this virus it should have been very easy to achieve.  All the available data indicates that healthy people have a very high tolerance for the SARS COV-2 virus.  The 50% who will get sick have a 99.9% survival rate if left untreated.  With treatment the survival rate approaches 100%.  If your lockdown works you are preventing something that you should want to happen.  The quickest way to curb the spread of the virus is to let healthy people be exposed to it.

This is the approach that Sweden and a few other countries took.  These countries did not destroy their economies and had far fewer excess deaths than countries that used harsh lockdowns.  Canadian’s smugly declare that our approach is superior because we had fewer COVID deaths than Sweden.  That number is very debatable because we had far higher excess deaths than Sweden.  If we believe that the lockdown prevented COVID deaths than we must admit that the lockdowns killed more than one person for every COVID death they prevented.  Why are COVID deaths more important than other deaths?

There is no evidence that lockdowns work.  Even if you could make them work they are the wrong thing to do.  If successful, a lockdown prevents us from reaching herd immunity.  There is no way to reach herd immunity without exposure to the virus.  Herd immunity is possible through vaccination but contrary to popular opinion we do not have a vaccine.  We have a treatment that offers only temporary protection.

This is vital for Canadians to understand.  Our Politicians still threaten us with lockdowns and timing is working against us.  Most jabbed Canadians will lose their protection this winter.  We could see a very bad flu season which politicians will use as justification for another lockdown.  We have a choice to make; stay in this destructive cycle of never-ending lockdowns and boosters or let healthy people be exposed to the virus and be done with this.

For those of you who can’t grasp the science while somehow following the science, I will make this easy for you.  There are 3 questions you need to ask yourself before the next lockdown is announced.

  1. If lockdowns work why do we keep needing them?
  2. If the jabs can end this, why haven’t they?
  3. Why can’t we follow the example of countries that have already beat this?

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