Government Incompetence is to blame for Emergency Room Chaos

Emergency rooms in in Ontario are full to the rafters.  The CBC would love to blame this on unvaccinated people but even the CBC is forced to acknowledge the negative impacts of COVID restrictions.


Key factors driving the long wait times are largely spin-off effects of the pandemic: 

  • High rates of staff calling in sick or unable to work because they’ve been exposed to COVID-19. 
  • Patients whose illnesses are more severe, often because they delayed seeking treatment during the big pandemic waves.
  • Hospital wards filled to capacity by trying to catch up on backlogged surgeries and procedures, so that it’s a challenge to squeeze in ER patients who need to be admitted. 


I will not argue with any of the points the CBC has made above but since the CBC’s primary responsibility is Liberal propaganda they have carefully left out other contributing factors.  Since the CBC is not allowed to discuss COVID issues truthfully I will do it for them.  I can think of 3 very important reasons for the emergency room Chaos.

  1. Staffing shortages due to unreasonable quarantine and vaccine rules.

How many unvaccinated workers were terminated?  That seems to be a very difficult number to pin down but any number above zero is unacceptable and put patients at risk.  Staffing shortages from terminations are a small problem compared to the quarantine rules.  Quarantining asymptomatic staff is just plain stupid; they are neither sick nor contagious.  These rules create artificial staff shortages and increase rather than decrease patient risk.

  1. The health care system is so poorly managed that it is unable to function even under normal conditions.

Allowing Government to manage anything, let alone something as important as hospitals, is an extremely bad idea.  In my life time I have never seen any level of government display competence at anything other than wasting money.  Wasting money is a skill that is not valued by any industry other than government.  Governments locked us down and trampled our rights for 2 years to protect a system that cannot function properly at the best of times.

  1. Vaccine injuries are far more prevalent than anyone is willing to admit.

Nothing that was done in the name of public health during the plandemic was actually good for public health.  Lockdowns, masks, and vaccines are all net negative.  We have an entire population in poor health after 2 years of abuse.  There are 2 sides to the capacity issue supply and demand.  We need to ask why our demand is so high now after the government has been “protecting” us for more than 2 years.

It does not matter which explanation you prefer because the common denominator is government.  Emergency rooms in Ontario are full because of the gross incompetence of the Ford Tories and the Trudeau Liberals.  People would be a far healthier if we could rid ourselves of these fools.