Hold the Line against Government and their Thought Police

Omar Kadhr is unfortunately a Canadian citizen.  He is also a convicted murderer and Islamic terrorist.  Omar Kahdr is free to move around the country without any police scrutiny.  Not only that but Justin Trudeau gave him 10.5 million dollars to ensure that he can go anywhere and support any Jihadist that he wants.  Non Canadians might find it odd that we would pay terrorists and that Canadian police can’t find the time to watch them.  They need to remember that this is not the old Canada.  This is the Justin Trudeau Canada where the police can’t watch known terrorists because they are too busy watching Facebook.


That helpful police officer was part of Ontario’s new thought police division.  She is keeping Canadians safe by reminding them that they should not be a member of a fringe majority with unacceptable beliefs.  Killing people in the name of religion is an acceptable belief in Canada; freedom is not.

Politicians are desperate to stop the freedom protests because they are ideologically opposed to Freedom and the Protest are working.  Alberta and Saskatchewan did not reduce any restrictions until after the Freedom Convoy arrived in Ottawa and the Coutts border crossing was blockaded.  Yesterday the main border crossing in Manitoba was blocked and today the Manitoba government announced a plan to remove restrictions.  Now we have this leaked phone call from Doug Ford.


Politicians are running scared everywhere in the country.  They all hope to get the protesters to disperse with a promise of eliminating restriction at some undetermined later date.  Sorry but we have been to that movie before and we know how it ends.  We never reach the conditions for removing restrictions because the conditions continue to change with the changing political science.  Restrictions need to end today not sometime in the future.  This is the letter I wrote yesterday to my MLA explaining just that.


Mr. Guthrie


The UCP plan for removing restrictions is wholly unsatisfactory.  All restrictions must be removed immediately.  The only science behind the restrictions is political science.  There is absolutely no evidence the restrictions have done anything except make the problem worse.  Please do not drag out the old tired argument about hospital capacity.  2 years ago we identified the problem of hospital capacity and yet we have done nothing to increase it.  Hospital capacity is completely within your government’s control.  If capacity was the root of the problem why have you done nothing about it?


There is no evidence that the SARS COV 2 virus adheres to government regulations.  This is an airborne virus and quite frankly it was idiotic to think that social distancing, masks, and closing selected businesses would have had any effect on it.  It was also idiotic to believe that a vaccine technology that has failed 100% of the time in the lab would end the outbreak.  Coercing people to accept a medical treatment that they do not need and violating our charter rights is clearly illegal.  There will be trials.  You should be concerned about whether you will be a defendant. 


Jason Kenney needs to be removed from office immediately.  You can take this email as my vote of non-confidence in the UCP government.  If you send the RCMP to remove protesters from the Coutts protest you can expect more people to show up.  The quickest way to end the protests is for your government to cease their criminal conduct and return rule of law to this province. 


Contrary to the legacy media we have not lost rule of law because of the protesters, we lost rule of law when your government weaponized cold and flu season and declared an emergency where none existed.  The death numbers are clear, 2 years ago COVID was nothing other than a bad flu now it has mutated in to a bad cold.  At no time did we have an emergency.  When a hospital system designed with no excess capacity gets over whelmed it is not an emergency it is just gross mismanagement.  It is only a matter of time for more Albertans to understand this.  Get on the right side of history.


I encourage every Canadian to write, phone, or show up in person to let your elected representative that this time we will not be placated.  We will not accepted empty promises again.  The restrictions go or they do.  Hold the line do not back down or accept that we have made our point and we should go home.