How many People Need to Die Before COVID vaccines are Stopped?

Visitors to this blog have seen this plot before.

You can see the typical seasonality of deaths.  Deaths in the winter are high, deaths in the summer are low.  Not only are Deaths in the winter much higher they are also very unpredictable.  Many more people die in bad flu seasons than in low flu seasons.  The summer is a different story.  Deaths are very predictable.  They don’t vary more than 2% from the baseline.

The stability and predictability of summer mortality is precisely what makes these numbers out of the UK so troubling.  For the period of July 1st to August 13th total deaths are 16% higher in 2021 than they were in 2020.  This phenomenon has not gone unnoticed on the front line health care workers.



In the UK summer mortality is up dramatically.  Far more than what would have been expected to have occurred naturally.  So what is different about 2021 I wonder?  What could possibly be causing this unnaturally high level of mortality?  I will give you 4 guesses.

This has got to stop.  Governments with the cooperation of the vaccine companies are now killing by the thousands.  Who needs gas chambers and ovens?