It is Time for Canadians to Grow Up

Right from the start of this whole fiasco governments and media went out of their way to convince people that COVID was a serious threat to everyone.  Like everything else they have said in the last 14 months, that simply was not true.  COVID is a serious problem for elderly people in poor health.  This is not that surprising because everything is potentially lethal to elderly people in poor health.

Despite what the government said the data clearly shows that if you were not both elderly and infirm your risk is low.  Still the government managed to convince young people with health conditions that their risk was also high.  I have a friend with Diabetes that was concerned about his increased risk.  The problem was he was not sure just how much higher his risk was.  This was by design.  The government was using half-truths to keep people scared.

It is true that if you are young and managing a long-term condition your risk is higher but only marginally so.  I found this interesting article where they detail the risk for each age group with and without comorbidities.

The whole article is summed up nicely from this table I copied from it.

If you are under 60 managing a health condition does not make much difference.  You have way bigger problems than COVID.  If you are a male octogenarian a pre-existing condition makes a big difference.  We also need to keep in mind that his is your chance of surviving after you get covid.  There appears to be very high natural immunity to COVID and most people will never get it anyway.

I have been saying this for months now.  If you are under 70 and in good health COVID is not much of a risk.  I am certain that masked covidiots would look at this list and disagree.  They would be quick to point out that there is risk in every age group.  To them I say, grow up.

This really needs to be repeated, it is way past time to simply grow up.   Life is a low-risk activity not a no risk activity.  Who the hell ever told you that someone else must sacrifice to minimize your risk of ordinary life?

The Woman in this video uses some colorful language to point out precisely that.


Unfortunately, the biggest babies on earth are Canadian.  There was a time when Canadians were tough and independent.  Our ancestors built a country out of some of the most rugged wilderness on earth.  Somewhere along the line that all changed.  Canadians are now selfish, irrational, perpetual children.  Thankfully, I am not the only one who has come to that conclusion.


Are we going to grow up and push back?  Or are we going to continue to let the government punish us?

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