It is time to let People Like Byram Bridle drive the Bus

Dr. Byram Bridle has become the biggest COVID Vaccine critic in Canada.  A Druthers reporter caught him on the street and he gave a 30 minute impromptu interview.  He covers a lot of ground and it is well worth the 30 minutes.


Dr. Bridle is able to give a coherent 30 minute interview at the drop of the hat for 2 reasons.  He knows what he is talking about and he is telling the truth.  The High Priest of COVID, Anthony Fauci, and other vaccine advocates are not be capable of this.  Even the ones that know what they are talking about can’t keep the lies straight for 30 minutes.

Fauci and his gang of liars are the kings of the 5 minute interview.  In 5 minutes they can deliver the newest talking points.  If they go on for more than 5 minutes they risk accidentally regurgitating an old talking point that contradicts the new talking points.  The truth is easy to remember because it does not change.  It is very difficult to keep COVID lies straight since they change almost daily.

This 30 minutes is like being hit with a firehose of COVID technical information.  My inner nerd loved it but it was a non-technical point that I thought was the most important part of the interview.  Dr. Bridle has been maligned by other professionals, most of whom have never read his work.  He has offered to discuss or debate any of his positions but not one of them has accepted his offer.  They snipe from the sidelines and get more media attention than he does.

Brave men defend the truth.  Cowards hide behind lies.  The Cowards criticizing Dr. Bridle are beneath contempt.  Unfortunately for us they are the ones driving the bus right now.