It’s Not About a Virus

Before writing my post yesterday I tried to find out how many people would normally be hospitalized with influenza.  I could not find the data so I thought that would be a good question for Deena Hinshaw.  After posting yesterday a friend sent me this:

On November 10th 2018 we had 205 people in hospital with influenza.  On November 10th 2020 we had 218 people with Covid and 0 people with Influenza.  We had just as many people in hospital with respiratory diseases in 2018 as we have now in 2020.  Do you remember all the stories of overrun hospitals and the lockdown in 2018?  Yeah me neither.

This “Reporter” even speculates that we are not seeing any influenza because of our covid reduction measures.  She is actually stupid enough to believe that restrictions that failed to prevent Covid, have eliminated influenza.  The number one covid comorbidity in the US was influenza.  Do you think after a positive covid test they bother to test for influenza?  Calling it Covid instead of influenza does not make it an emergency.  We are being played.

Under the fabulous leadership of Jason Kenney and Deena Hinshaw hospitals are now overrun trying to handle the same number of people that they did in 2018.  Hospitals did have an unfair advantage in 2018 that had nothing to do with covid.  In 2018 Jason Kenney was not premier and Deena Hinshaw was not our chief medical officer.  What a difference 2 years and 2 idiots makes.

I could believe that hospitals are overwhelmed right now.  Hospitals have a backlog of elective procedures.  In the spring and summer Jason, Deena, and their huge collective intellect would not allow empty hospitals to perform elective procedures.  Then as flu season arrived they allowed hospitals to try and catch up.  They created a crisis of incompetence but don’t worry they have a solution.  We can get through this as long as we don’t go to church or see out families this Christmas.

Every totalitarian government in history has tried to abolish religion and the family.  Religions teach that god provides, although he still expects you to put in a good days work.  Left wing lunatics like Jason and Deena want you to believe that the government provides and all you have to do is obey, work is optional.  Jason, Deena, and every other tyrant in history dislike the competition god presents.  They would rather you not go to church and learn dangerous ideas like independence.

Families are also quite annoying to leftist tyrants.  If they can separate you from your family support they can make you dependent on government.  That makes for a very compliant population.  Of course the best way to check for compliance is tell us to wear a veil mask.  Veiled Masked people don’t have any dangerous ideas; they don’t have any ideas at all.

Isn’t it interesting that the Covid 1984 virus is killed by exactly the same thing that sustains communism?  If I were cynical I might conclude that this has nothing to do with a virus.  No matter what name you give it.

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  1. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    Yep, I have seen this “virus” divide many of my extended family members. One group is bought right into what they are told and the other group strongly opposes believing its communism. There’s no middle ground anymore.


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