Ivermectin Makes it Impossible to Justify Vaccines.

Another day another win for Ivermectin.  Add Mexico to the list of countries that eliminated COVID with tried-and-true Ivermectin and not experimental vaccines.

For 42 weeks Mexico had excess deaths.  In 14 weeks, they drove excess deaths to zero with Ivermectin.  Mexico is 130 million people.  It has taken Canada more than 14 weeks to give a single vaccine dose to 20 million people.  This is just one more illustration that Ivermectin is quicker, cheaper, and more effective than the Vaccines.  So why aren’t we using Ivermectin?

This document was published by Alberta Health services in February of 2021.

DRAFT v3.1 Ivermectin (albertahealthservices.ca)

Here are their recommendations.


  • At this time, ivermectin should not be prescribed or taken to prevent COVID-19 outside of a clinical trial, as we need to establish whether it is truly useful.
  • At this time, ivermectin should not be prescribed or taken to treat COVID-19 outside of a clinical trial, as we need to establish whether it is truly useful.

Did you get that?  It is OK to force everyone to take an experimental vaccine.  A treatment with a long list of rather nasty side effects.  But it is not OK to allow people to voluntarily experiment with a drug with no known side effects.

Unfortunately, this is just not stupidity.  The campaign against Ivermectin is Coordinated.  The problem is that if you allow the use of Ivermectin you can not allow the use of the vaccines.  This scientist explains it to Tucker Carlson.


Governments have banned Ivermectin to facilitate the vaccines.  Ivermectin was available when the Pandemic started.  Vaccines were not available for a year.  How many people died who should not have?  Any government who banned or discouraged the use of Ivermectin has blood on their hands.  A lot of blood.  For 12 months these governments have done the only thing government is truly good at; they killed.  This does not end until these people are punished.

If you still do not understand what the government is doing maybe this will help.


I cannot think of a better explanation of COVID vaccines.


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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Great clip parodying Covid “vaccines” at the end. It kind of puts it in perspective – something sorely lacking in any discussion on the topic.

    I am amazed that we are finally seeing mainstream news cover Ivermectin, Almost a year after the research started showing its effectiveness. I think your first post on ivermectin was about last September. It would be intern to look back at that. The data was available for almost a year now, and well before any of the “vaccines”. By denying the use of Ivermectin, the government has caused 100s of thousands of needless deaths just in North America alone. You are absolutely correct that these people need to pay for their sins. One life sentence for each of the 100,000+ killed needlessly. Another upside is that we would have a huge building boom to boost the economy just building all the prisons for former government people.

    Makes the heart smile.

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