Just say NO to Jason Kenney

I just watched Jason Kenney on TV.  Jason Kenney for those that do not know is the demonic dwarf currently occupying the Premier’s seat in the province of Alberta.  The news conference was held so that Jason could tell us booster shots are now available and there would be no new restrictions before Christmas.

“Journalists” do not get invited to these news conferences unless they are a staunch COVIDiots.  That makes it very easy to anticipate the questions.  Instead of asking why there are any restrictions since omicron is so mild, each “journalist” wanted to know why Albertans were not locked down completely for Christmas.  Jason’s answer was very revealing.  His primary reason for not increasing the restrictions was that he did not think Albertans would tolerate more restrictions.  He mused that tighter restrictions would just lead to open noncompliance.

On national Television Jason Kenney just admitted that the COVID restrictions are not driven by the virus or by science.  He just arbitrarily sets rules based on how far he thinks he can push us.  Jason Kenney just inadvertently told Albertans what they need to do to bring this whole charade crashing down.  If the rules are set based on what we will accept then we must not accept any rules.  The Demonic Dwarf is only doing what we are letting him do.  It is time to shut that evil little man down and ship him back to Ottawa where he belongs.  Do Not Comply with anything.



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