My letter to Blake Richards, Member of Parliament

Mr. Richards,

It is time for you to do your job.  You must table a non-confidence vote in parliament.  Please do not write to tell me your feckless interim leader, who has already withdrawn her support for the right to peaceful protest, is demanding a plan to return to normal from the Trudeau liberals.  The current restrictions have no grounding in science and clearly violate our charter rights.  Only a moron believes that eliminating charter rights is some sort of magic anti-viral that will end a pandemic.

The restrictions violate the charter of rights therefore they are illegal.  It is a criminal act to engage in illegal activity therefor the Trudeau Liberals are criminals.  By asking for a plan you are asking a criminal to set the conditions under which he will agree to cease his criminal activity.  This is not how you deal with Criminals.  Justin Trudeau must be removed from office and face criminal prosecution.  There is no other acceptable alternative.

I know it is not convenient for the conservatives to go in to an election with a flip flopping interim leader but you are not paid to do what is convenient for your party.  You are paid to represent the interests of your constituents.  It is not in our best interests to have a criminal at the head of our federal government.  That is not in anyone’s best interest.

Also do not obfuscate the issue by wanting to discuss the Coutts blockade.  You will get no argument from me that when the protesters block the highway they are breaking the law.  The protesters should not break the law but it never would have gotten here if it was not for the dereliction of elected officials like you.  You ignored the criminal activity of the federal and provincial governments for 2 years; you can ignore the Coutts protesters for a few more days.

The best and quickest way to end this impasse is to end the criminal activity of all parties involved.  That starts with you finally doing your job and opposing these obviously unscientific and illegal federal mandates.  You should have opposed them from the moment they were imposed but it is not too late to start now.