Our descent into Stupidity is Accelerating

CUPE local 4400 just lost their fight with the Toronto District school Board in arbitration.  The Union was fighting mandatory vaccination.  The Union argued that the mandates violate the charter of rights and are unnecessary because unvaccinated staff can simply be tested with rapid antigen tests.  Below are the Arbiters reasons for ruling against the union.

  • The policy did not violate anyone’s life, liberty or security of person and, accordingly, there had been no s. 7 Charter breach
  • He preferred the TDSB’s expert’s opinion that RATS do not provide the same level of protection
  • Arbitrator Kaplan found, as agreed by both parties’ experts, that vaccination is the best way to prevent transmission of COVID-19

This decision is stunningly stupid and easily makes Arbiter William Kaplan the COVIDiot of the week.  Let’s just recap his decision.  In a nut shell this is what he decided.

  • Being forced to take a treatment with well documented side effects of permanent disability and sudden death does not violate the security of your person.
  • A test proving you are not sick is insufficient. Apparently the risk that you can transmit a disease THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE is just too high to accept.
  • A medical treatment that, by design, cannot prevent infection or transmission is the best way to prevent transmission.

In fairness to Mr. Kaplan the union for some bizarre reason presented expert opinion that the vaccines prevent transmission.  Why the hell would they submarine their own case by doing that?  They paid an “expert” to destroy their own case when all they had to do was present Ontario’s own data.

Ontario’s own public data shows the lowest risk of infection comes from being unvaccinated.  How can the lowest risk of infection also be the highest risk of transmission?  I feel compelled to point out, again, you cannot transmit a disease you do not have.  Exactly when did our collective IQ drop so far that we can’t understand this?

COVID 19 policies are an IQ test and we are failing it miserably.