Pandemic Creation for Dummies

Creating a Pandemic is way easier than you think.  You just need to follow these 4 simple steps.  You don’t even need a virus.

  1. Comb the hospitals for terminally ill patients. The younger the better.
  2. Test identified patients with a test prone to false positives. Test often and run as many cycles as is necessary to get a positive result.
  3. Schedule a Press conference. Invite only those who you can trust to support the narrative.  As a precaution have a 10 second delay to mute any accidental counter narrative questions.
  4. Step up to the microphone and LIE YOUR ASS OFF.


Dr. Deena Hinshaw is the Alberta’s witch doctor in residence, AKA the wicked witch of the west.  Good old WWW decided to use the tragic CANCER death of a child as a political propaganda tool.  There is bedside manner for you.  The body was not even cold and she was standing on it.

My Brother sent me a video about this yesterday that has already been scrubbed from TikTok.  He commented that there is a special place in Hell for WWW and her boss the Demonic Dwarf, Jason Kenney.  My response is that they have likely already been to hell.  All available evidence indicates that Deena and Jason were released from hell to do exactly what they are doing.

I could be wrong.  Deena might still be human.  If she is then she is one of the most disgusting humans to ever walk the face of the earth.

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