Public Safety can’t Survive this Political Onslaught

New York is approaching the deadline for workers to be vaccinated.  As this article points out, that means fewer cops and more garbage.

The article quotes mayor de Blasio.

“My job is to keep people safe — my employees, and 8.8 million people,” 

He is either, lying, stupid, or horribly ignorant.  What he is doing is the opposite of keeping people safe.

We already know from the defund police movements that fewer cops will result in more murders.  People will start dying almost immediately.  That is terrible but the real threat to public health is the garbage.

Most people believe that we owe our long life expectancy to modern medicine and vaccines.  That is not really true.  Infectious diseases were plummeting long before either of those 2 factors.  Infectious diseases were largely curbed by better nutrition and hygiene.  Modern farming and sanitation systems have saved more lives than modern medicine.

Trading sanitation for vaccines is a very poor trade.  The biggest positive impact you can have on public health is to keep garbage and sewage away from people and water supplies.  Coupling that with keeping people safe and well fed will produce a healthy population.  Modern medicine just enhances an already good situation.  Therefore good public health policies make all these things plentiful, not just vaccines.

All of these truly essential services require not just people but also affordable energy.  Waste and water treatment requires a lot of electricity.  Farming and food distribution requires lots of diesel.  Despite what the news might lead you to believe, fire trucks and farm equipment do not run-on fairy dust.

Mayor de Blasio and other politicians are firing essential workers and making energy unaffordable but they are keeping us safe with vaccine mandates.  Firemen, police, sanitation workers, farmers, truck drivers, and the cheap energy they need have a proven track record of improving public health.  For centuries this has been true.  Anyone who trades this for a vaccine with no track record is a fool.  People who believe politicians like de Blasio have any interest in their safety are an even bigger fools.  Ironically I can’t say it any better than this European politician.


I don’t care how many times they say this is for our benefit.  Actions speak loader than words.  Their actions are clear.  They have no interest in helping us.  They despise us and desperately want to be rid of us.  This is not about a virus.



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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Wow, that politician was excellent! She said exactly what 25% of people are thinking.

    I look forward to seeing how the world works when 20% of people are fired. Healthcare, police, courts, garbage men, firemen and many other essential services. Maybe they will call in the military. Oh yeah, they are firing 40% of them too. Maybe they can pick up some people at the Mexican border to fill those jobs.

    The sad thing is, it’s not deBlasio or any other politician that is the problem. They were elected by people. This is the will of the majority.

  2. Tim
    Tim says:

    They could bring in a bunch from the Mexican border and then they’ll be able to create another panic when all those that are sick with the fake virus bring it to their city and politicians can blame the unvaxxed. A win win for the slimy politicians.

    • Trevor
      Trevor says:

      In Australia they fine people for breaking any of their cruel and ridiculous Covid rules. Then if they dont pay the fine, the government is confiscating people’s homes and selling them. NYC could do that and give the houses to the Mexicans that they bring in. That would really help out the cause.


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