Spring brings only a façade of Freedom

Spring has arrived and ended cold and flu season.  Once again it was spring and not masks, lockdowns, or vaccines that caused COVID cases to fall.  Political pressure in many jurisdictions caused politicians to drop restrictions during cold and flu season and guess what, dropping restrictions made absolutely no difference.  Our respite from government COVID tyranny has caused many to believe that COVID is over.  If you are one of those optimistic souls I have bad news for you.  While you might think this is over, as far as government is concerned this will never be over.

The WHO won’t be happy until everyone on earth has had 2 shots.


While the Ontario government is delirious over the thought of giving you 5.


5 shots in 16 months of a toxic brew that has already caused 10s of thousands of deaths and 100s of thousand heart attacks.  Is there anyone out there stupid enough to still believe that this is for your health and the common good?  Do you think this pilot is looking forward to his next shot?


What kind of vaccine needs to be taken every 3 months?  This is more accurately described as chemotherapy than vaccination with one very important distinction.  Chemotherapy stops when the cancer disappears.  The COVID jabs are the exact opposite.  Taking them causes the cancer to grow.  The only way to eliminate the cancer of government is to cut it out.  Something we should have done decades ago before Fidel Castro impregnated his friend’s wife.

This will not end until enough people get the courage to say no to government.  Sadly there is no evidence that will ever happen in Canada so Canadians should be prepared for lockdowns, masks, and vaccine mandates next fall.  The violence against Canadians will continue as long as Canadians are willing to accept it.  And I do mean violence.  Everything forced upon us is detrimental to our wellbeing; including masks.


We may as well have lined up to be punched in the face.  It would have been quicker and just as effective against COVID.


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  1. Erica
    Erica says:

    Post covid conditions? You mean the myocarditis, strokes, blood clots, cellulitis and persistent colds in my vaccinated family and friends?

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