Supply Chain Problems are as artificial as the COVID Emergency

I was in the hardware store 2 days ago.  I was looking for lag screws.  Larger bolts and screws are sold by weight and are kept in open plastic bins.  Some of the bins were empty.  While I was looking for what I needed a young clerk helping a customer came near.  Because they had entered my 6 foot zone of viral safety I was able to hear their conversation.  The clerk was telling her customer the store is having trouble getting some products.

After I got over my relief of not dying instantly from standing near another human, I realized I have heard that story from other vendors.  Right on schedule our supply chain is collapsing.  The supply chain is not collapsing because too many workers have fallen ill.  Politicians are causing our supply chain to collapse.  Border controls, mandatory quarantines, and forced unemployment of the un-vaxxed are having consequences.

Politicians will be quick to tell you that all of these measures are to slow the spread of the virus.  The vaccines have laid bare that lie.  The data is clear.  Vaccinated people have accelerated the spread of the virus.  If this was about slowing the spread, vaccinations would have been stopped months ago.  This has never been about slowing the spread of a virus.  This has always been about reversing the gains in human rights achieved over the last 2 centuries.  Politicians want to turn the clock back to feudal times.

The border controls are the most damaging of the policies.  Illegal migrants are unhindered by law enforcement but truckers must comply with ridiculous restrictions.  This achieves nothing other than supply outages.  It is appropriate to temporarily close a border to keep a virus out.  That horse has already left the barn.  Nowhere in the world is untouched by COVID.  You can’t keep something out that is already here.  Restricting travel between 2 places that both have COVID accomplishes nothing.  It is only done for one reason.  To make our lives more difficult.

Politicians are creating an emergency so that they can use the emergency for further restrictions.  This winter we will no doubt see rationing.  Politicians won’t just decide how many times you get jabbed.  They will also decide what you eat, wear, and whether you are allowed to heat your house.

We are at war.  The political elite has declared war on the great unwashed.  If you are wondering who that is, just go look in the mirror.  Jabbed or un-jabbed you are beneath them.  The unique thing about this war is that only one side is fighting.  The side that will surely lose if the unwashed ever wake up.

To the vaccinated who until now have been sleep walking through this conflict; wake up.  This is truly a time where if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.  Your compliance is what makes this work.  Do your cupboards need to go bare this winter before you stop blaming the un-vaxxed and start blaming the real culprits?  When you are hungry this winter do you think these pudgy tyrants will also be hungry?

All of this has been artificial.  COVID was just a bad flu.  If it wasn’t for the media driven panic porn and ridiculous restrictions no one would have even noticed.  Only places where politicians actively killed seniors had deaths outside of normal.

The problems stem entirely from politicians, the root of all evil.  They created an emergency out of a bad flu season.  They used that fake emergency to create another emergency.  Every emergency they create has the same solution.  A total eradication of human rights and increasing intrusion on your life.  Are you tired of this merry go round yet?

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