The Deadly Consequences of Government Lies.

Every time a true believer wants to convince me how wrong I am about COVID they tell me a story about a young healthy person dying.  Of course they do not know the “healthy” young person they are describing.  The information is coming from the news.  The media desperately searches for stories of young people dying of COVID.  The task the government has given them is to convince the public everyone is equally at risk from COVID.  The Media has taken that assignment very seriously.

The fact is that young healthy people dying from COVID is exceptionally rare.  The Stories the media trumpets invariable involve someone in another country who turns out to be in very poor health.  Unfortunately something that is becoming far less rare is young healthy people dying from the vaccine treatments.

People still do not understand that the COVID vaccine treatments are a medical procedure.  Any medical procedure caries a risk.  The question is the risk/reward of subjecting yourself to the treatment.  If you have a 10% chance of dying from a disease but a 1% chance of dying from the treatment the risk reward is quite good even though the treatment could kill you.  Currently Governments are coercing people in to getting the Vaccine treatment without explaining the risk/reward trade off.

I know right now the true believers are dismissing me as a crank.  They will be quick to point out that the news constantly quotes experts who tell you your chance of dying from the virus is higher than your chance of dying from the vaccine treatment.  If these “experts are telling the truth then this is very hard to explain.

Why are the people who know the most about the vaccines treatments the least likely to take it?  They obviously know something that you do not.  The “Experts” are being very deceptive.  It is not what they are telling you it is what they are not telling you.

Here is what they are not telling you.  Your chance of dying from the virus is extremely low in the first place.  The Younger you are the more remote your chance of death.  When they quote the risk of the virus they talk about the overall risk even though almost all the deaths are people over 70 in poor health.  The Vaccine treatment poses a low risk to everyone.  The virus only poses a high risk to ill elderly.

The risk/reward for ill elderly people is far different than risk/reward for young healthy people yet the government wants everyone to be vaccinated treated.  This is insane.  In my opinion anyone under 60 in good health has no compelling reason to take the vaccine treatment.  75% of the country does not need this.  But, you might ask what the harm in vaccinating treating everyone is?

For starters most people I know are not taking the vaccine treatment willingly.  They are taking in the belief that the government will not give them back their rights if they don’t.  This is not consent.  If you kidnap someone and promise to let them go in return for sex it is still rape.  The Government is raping everyone right now.  Hyperbole I know, but the analogy fits.

Coercion is bad enough but the larger problem is that we are wasting a scarce resource.  Canada does not have enough supply.  Right now 38.9% of Canadians have received one dose but only 3.3% of people are fully vaccinated treated.  The Prime Moron has bungled vaccine treatment procurement.  We do not have enough to vaccinate treat everyone.  We do have enough to vaccinate treat everyone who really needs it.  Unfortunately, that is not what we are doing.

The premiers and the Prime Moron put all their eggs in the vaccination basket.  Instead of exploring all options they jailed us in our homes.  We were promised pardons after enough people are vaccinated treated.  Their plans depend on experimental chemicals that they do not possess.  To cover their incompetence they are giving everyone one dose of a two dose system to make the numbers look better.  All of the manufacturers have issued statements condemning this practice.

We are misapplying an experimental procedure.  That should send chills down everyone’s spine.  Worse we are doing this to cover incompetence and lying.  That is the problem with lying.  Lies tend to compound themselves.  COVID is only a high risk for ill elderly.  The government lied about this, they told us everyone was at risk.  They lied to us to facilitate removing our rights.  Now the government is lying, again, to cover the original lie.

38.9% of Canadians have not been vaccinated.  3.3% of Canadians have been treated as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.  35.6% of Canadians have had an experimental treatment misapplied.  They are guinea pigs in a horrible, unethical, experiment.

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