The default position should have been the opposite of what Government wants

Throughout this period of government tyranny I have been amazed at how many times serendipity has played a role in the information I find and post.  Often after posting I find information that ties in or corroborates the article I have just posted.  Sometimes it friends that send me information other times I stumble across in on my own.  Just minutes ago I posted an article about the history of small pox vaccines.  In the article I discussed the city of Leicester that achieved better results by shifting focus from vaccines to improving sanitation.  Well we have our very own Leicester right here in Alberta.


The town of La Crete defeated COVID with a 35% vaccination rate.  They did this by advocating personal responsibility and ignoring all of the insane mandates from Jason Kenney and Deena Hinshaw.  This was a conscious decision from the people and local government to treat COVID for what it really is, a seasonal flu.

No closed businesses or demonization of people over their choices.  Don’t wear a mask or get vaccinated if you don’t want to, no one questioned or ostracized you for that.  There was also not stigmatization of people who wanted masks or vaccines either.  According to Deena Hinshaw if even a single person did this it would lead to the death of every Albertan.  Yet somehow La Crete did this without a single problem.  Apparently freedom is very good for your health and government is not.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Wow, our own “Little Sweden”. What an impressive town to have bucked the trend and defended freedom of choice. They can stand tall with pride.

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