The first 3 shots failed so of course it is time for Another

There is a new Israeli study out that shows the efficacy of the 4th booster starts to wane almost immediately (the blue dots).

The study was only 8 weeks and the good news, if there is any, is that after 6 weeks there was still protection against severe infection (the red dots with error bars).  Unfortunately I don’t know if that finding is even significant.  The dominant strain now is Omicron.  Omicron produces cold like symptoms so I guess taking the 4th shot ensures the cold you get is not as bad.  I really don’t know why you would take experimental medication to reduce severity of the sniffles.

No one knows how long the protection against severe sniffles will last.  That is what is so obscene about this whole process; this is an experiment and governments have coerced billions to participate without informed consent.  This experiment is 16 months old now and has not produced any positive results.  The Jabs have not reduced infection, transmission, or deaths.  We should have called a halt to this long ago.

The first 2 jabs provided 4 to 6 months of protection, the third shot gave 3 to 4 months.  That trend suggests that the 4th will be less than 3 months.  Each jab wanes more quickly than the last.  Unfortunately the opposite is true of vaccine injuries.  The risk of myocarditis doubles with each jab.  Preventing severe COVID would require multiple shots per year, perhaps even monthly.  That would guarantee we would all die from vaccine injuries long before we die of COVID.

I am 100% certain that we will be locked down again next winter.  Once again the carrot will be dangled in front of us.  We will get our rights back only after we have all received our 4th shot.  Everyone I speak to tells me there is no way they are taking a booster but I don’t believe it.  When faced with the ultimatum again next winter they will all line up to be injected.  We may as well get used to it, this is our future thanks to our obedience.


Coming to a Canadian city near you, sooner than you think.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    I know many people who have Covid right now or who had it in the last month. Every last one of them is double jabbed.

    I agree that the majority will do as they are instructed and get more shots this fall when they lock us down again. They are literally starving whole populations in China and Singapore and nobody is rising up to say NO! History is rife with examples of people peacefully submitting to their own slaughter. The greatest strength is Man’s ability to reason. His greatest weakness is his propensity to rationalize.

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