Vaccine Fraud in Europe

An investigation has uncovered over 2000 Wealthy Europeans possess fraudulent vaccine passports.  Frankly I am not surprised by this and I am sure the number is much higher.

I sincerely doubt that any senior government ministers or Davos elite are vaccinated.  Why would they subject themselves to their own conspiracy?  Of course I have no evidence to support my belief but don’t you find it suspicious that none of them have died or been injured?  Deaths are up everywhere.  Insurance companies verify this and every day another athlete or B list celebrity “dies suddenly”.  Is it just a coincidence that no one from the Trudeau, Johnson, Ardern, Macron, or Biden administrations have “died suddenly”?

A real investigation would uncover 10s of thousands of fake passports but I doubt this was ever meant to be a real investigation.  This investigation was meant to find a few sacrificial lambs.  People who had the money but not the influence.  The sole purpose of the investigation is to convince the public that vaccine fraud will be punished so that no one notices the rampant vaccine fraud among the Davos elite.

The rules will always apply to you, never to them.