Vaccine Passports are Coming, Cleverly Disguised as Smart Phone Apps.

A friend made me aware of this new law in Oregon.

There are many governments now discussing removing mask mandates for vaccinated individuals.  We will no doubt see much more of this.  Since this seems to be our future let’s just do a little logic exercise to determine the intent of this law.

Unfortunately our logic exercise cannot be done unless we accept 2 very illogical positions.

  1. A piece of cloth with weave opening no smaller than 20 microns will magically not allow a 0.1 micron virus to pass through it.
  2. Treatments that do not provoke a T cell response will provide full and lasting immunity.

Of course both statements are demonstrably false but governments build policies based on these core beliefs.  People in Government have the right to be wrong.  It is a right they exercise regularly.

OK now that we have set the ground rules that both masks and vaccines provide perfect protection from infection let’s begin our exercise.

If I am unvaccinated and I choose to enter a building without a mask I cannot pose a risk to Vaccinated or masked people.  No matter how sick I am, virus that I shed cannot permeate their protective barriers.  The only person I endanger is some other, unvaccinated, unmasked person.  That person also poses a danger to me if I am not infected.  The unmasked, unvaccinated, person is the only one at risk in this scenario.  By choosing to go unmasked this person has implied that they are willing to accept this risk.

This law can’t possibly be about public safety since the “public” is not at risk.  Only individuals who make a specific choice are exposed to any risk.  So this law is either the government regulating acceptable individual risk or it has nothing to do with safety.

The government already regulates acceptable individual risk.  Most jurisdictions have seat belt, hardhat, and safety boot laws.  These laws are all designed to protect people in hazardous situations.  This law indicates that the government believes the risk of being indoors is unacceptable.  It is so high you need to be prevented from making the conscious choice of coming in out of the rain.

It is possible that our governments are stupid enough to believe they are saving us from certain death with a law like this.  After all, there is very little evidence of intelligent life in government.  Despite that I think this was has 2 alternate purposes.

  1. Coerce people in to taking the Vaccine.

I expect that there will be a concerted effort to make life uncomfortable for those who do not want to be vaccinated.  The government desperately want to vaccinate everyone but they don’t like the optics of forcing it at gunpoint.  They will do it if they must but their first choice is always deniability.

  1. Concoct a reason for people to carry vaccination records.

People will quickly tire of carrying paper vaccination record everywhere.  They will demand something more convenient.  What is more convenient than a smart phone app?  There is only 1 thing the government likes more than an app that can track your every movement.  That is an app that you demanded and voluntarily downloaded on your phone.  An app that you would not dare leave the house without or you will be denied access everywhere.

I think we should take a closer look at both of these explanations.  Why is the government so desperate to vaccinate everyone?  In one word, Money.  A career in politics can be very lucrative when you give wealthy people indirect access to the public purse.  They show their gratitude by redirecting some of that tax money to you even after your political career is over.  Government lockdown policies did a fabulous job of transferring wealth to the wealthy.

The only problem with lockdowns is that they can’t go on forever.  If you completely destroy an economy there is no wealth to transfer to those who do not need it.  The Lockdown golden goose is over cooked.  Governments need a new wealth transfer mechanism.  Vaccines are perfect.  Especially one that requires indefinite yearly boosters.

The Government now has an excuse to take billions from ordinary taxpayers and give it to their wealthy benefactors, ever single year.  How long do you think it will be before we find out you will need multiple booster shots every year?

So far this wealth transfer program is working just as well as the lockdowns.  The world now has 9 new billionaires.  All senior executives in pharmaceutical companies.

The only thing that can upset this perfect wealth transfer situation is free will.  If people stop taking their regular boosters the gravy train comes to a screech halt.  It is a good thing we will all download an app on our phone to prevent that.  The app also has some other very handy side benefits.  The government will now know where you are at all times.  If you attend a rally protesting any of this, the government will know.  They will also know when you go home so that they can dispatch police to arrest you at their leisure.

The ability to Track peoples every movement is the ultimate in power and control.  When an individual does this it is called stalking.  Governments call it public safety.  Can there be any doubt the new world order has arrived?  It just happened 37 years later than Orwell predicted.

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