Viral Behavior is as predictable as Political Behavior

Cold and flu season has starting and guess what, COVID is back again.  Northern European nations like Germany have seen an explosion of cases.

Post-vaccination Germany has a higher rate of infection than anything that happened pre-vaccination.  A sane person would look at this data and conclude the vaccines are not working.  An insane person will tell you that this means we have not vaccinated enough people.  Can you guess which side of the sane/insane line Angela Merkel lands on?

At 69% Germany is the least vaccinated country in Western Europe (see plot below).  Still 69% will mean that more than 80% of adults are vaccinated.  So, what Merkel is really saying is that it is time to start jabbing children.  What is it with these tyrants and children?  All of the world leaders are just like Joe Biden; they can’t keep their hands off of kids.

Of course Merkel wants you to believe that this is perfectly reasonable.  This is my favorite quote from the article.

Merkel, speaking at the invitation of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at an Asia-Pacific business summit, said it was the task of politicians to make the case for serious interventions by being honest with the public.

If you think that statement means Merkel has had a sudden transformation and will now be honest with the public you are a hopeless optimist.  Angela Merkel, like every western leader is incapable of telling the truth.  She is lying about telling the truth.  Her own data says the jabs do not prevent transmission but she still insists that that they do.

None of the pharma companies claim that their vaccines prevent infection or transmission.  The way they work it is impossible for that to happen.  All the jabs do is give you a head start on recovery as long as you are infected in the first 6 months.  The claim made by the manufacturers is that the jabs protect against severe disease.  Politicians drop the word severe and just say that the jabs protect against disease.  Even Pharmaceutical executives are more honest than politicians.  That should scare everyone.

What the jabs do prevent is massive, unnecessary, over-testing.  Unvaccinated people are practically dragged off the street for testing.  Many companies now require un-jabbed employees to be tested multiple times per week.  If we subjected the jabbed to the same rules we would find no difference in the % of positive tests.

There is also one more very important thing that the jabs prevent; herd immunity.  The jabs suppress natural immunity and train your immune system to respond poorly to COVID.  As long as we keep Jabbing people the pandemic will never end.  Being honest with the public is obviously not an objective for any politician.  The objective of politicians like Angela Merkel is to prolong the pandemic.  The Jabs are the best tool for that.

All things COVID are very predictable.  Seasonal virus will return each season and politicians will be lying, murderous, bastards.  Bastards with an unhealthy obsession with other people’s children.