What Obama’s Party Tells Us about Making Vaccines Work.

Obama held a large mask free birthday party recently.  I have not commented on it before because I was not sure how to feel about it.  Was it Obama telling us it is OK not to be afraid?  That we should start living life again and do ordinary things like celebrate birthdays?  Or was it Obama just rubbing it in our faces?  Was he just reminding us that the rules are for the little people?  That some people are above the rules?

So was the celebration a positive or negative sign?  I simply did not know.  It did not become clearer when this news Broadcaster tried to help.

Apparently if you are both sophisticated and vaccinated large gatherings are completely safe.  This just confused me even more because the vaccines on their own don’t seem to make people safe.  Hospitals are full of vaccinated people.  All I got from this were more questions.

  • What is it about being sophisticated that makes the vaccines effective?
  • Does this mean the vaccinated people in hospital are all unsophisticated?
  • What level of sophistication do you need to achieve before the vaccines work?
  • How do we measure sophistication so that we can predict who the vaccine will work for and who should not bother to be vaccinated?

This perplexed me for days until I saw this interview.

Through personal experience this man knows that if you fly commercial you are susceptible to COVID.  If you fly on private planes you are immune.  So maybe personal wealth is the key to vaccine effectiveness.  The people at Obama’s party were all certainly wealthy.  Maybe the reporter just confused wealth with sophistication.  To us Peons they look the same.

If it is wealth and not sophistication the renders the vaccines effective that is good news.  Wealth is far easier to measure than sophistication.  There must be some net worth threshold we can use to determine who to vaccinate.  Vaccinating only the super wealthy is easy.  There are not that many of them.

At this point it would be easy to recommend that we determine what that threshold is and only vaccinate those above it.  There is only one problem with using that simple benchmark.  There is another variable that could be in play.

Barack Obama is enormously wealthy.  His wealth cannot be explained by his salary as a public servant.  Obama has never founded a company or produced a product.  In 60 years he has never done any sort of Value add work so that also cannot explain his wealth.  There is only one explanation for his wealth.  Good old pork barrel corruption.  There were many politicians at the birthday party so it is safe to say that corruption was just as prevalent as wealth.

So which is it, wealth, corruption, or some combination of both?  I just don’t have enough data points to know for certain.  Until that can be ascertained I propose that we only vaccinate the wealthy and corrupt.  Leave poor honest folk alone to get on with life.