When Politicians Emote for the Camera

Yesterday Doug Ford stood in front of cameras to choke back some Crocodile tears.

So Doug Ford is sorry and admits he got it wrong.  Does that mean all the restrictions in Ontario have been lifted?  Was there a joyful mask burning ceremony that the media simply forgot to cover?  Of course not.  The only thing that upsets Doug ford is that he was not able to ramp up the tyranny as much as he wanted.

Doug Ford is a sociopath only concerned with how things affect him personally.  The tears were just theatre.  Doug is only upset because people will not obey.  He may also deeply regret forgoing his 4th egg Mcmuffin.  I don’t know how he found the strength to emote for so many consecutive minutes while suffering such acute malnutrition.

This useless piece of human excrement only pulled back because he was forced to.  Every police force in Ontario issued statements that they would not comply with the travel check points.  Without the police Doug Ford is powerless.  When the police finally say no this whole farce ends.

I have a large extended family living in Doug’s little fiefdom.  I confess I am not that close to them with one exception, my father’s younger brother.  It is not correct to say that I am close to him either but I have a deep respect for the man.  Any time anything bad happened he was there for his older brother.  He would drop everything and make a 2000 mile journey if he thought his older brother needed him.

My Uncles wife of 6 decades just passed.  His children are now trying to navigate the myriad of stupid rules to figure out what they are “allowed” for a funeral.  My uncle was always there when anyone needed him.  Now one of the most useless men in the world is preventing anyone from being there for him.

They do not make men like my father or my uncle any more.  Doug ford is a perfect illustration of that sad fact.


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