It ain’t over until the Fat Lady is in prison

The CDC just released remarkable new COVID guidance.

On the surface it looks like the CDC hit their collective head and when they woke up they could suddenly see straight.  Of course with government there is always something hiding under the surface; something they would rather you not think about.  It does not matter what language governments use, anything they release always needs to be translated in to the truth.  With that in mind to the best of my ability I have translated this short document for you.


  • Those exposed to the virus are no longer required to quarantine.


Quarantining people who are not sick has zero effect on transmission of the virus because asymptomatic transmission only exists in the sick mind of Anthony Fauci.


  • Unvaccinated people have the same guidance as vaccinated people.


The vaccines do not work.  Using different rules for people who refused to take a medication that does not work doesn’t changing anything.  Continuing to segregate unvaccinated only serves to highlight that unvaccinated have overall better health outcomes.


  • Students can stay in class after being exposed to the virus.


COVID is not the great plague we told you it was.  Being exposed is not a death sentence.  It does not even guarantee you will get the sniffles.  In the end it would be better if everyone would just get exposed and get on with their life.


  • It is no longer recommended to screen those without symptoms


People without symptoms are not sick or contagious.  Dragging people off the street to test makes no more sense than routine x-rays to make sure something is not broken.  Mass testing was only used to scare people in to compliance.  We would really love to keep scaring people but can’t without further highlighting the complete failure of the Vaccines.


When translating from governmentese to the truth you also must look at the totality of the message.  Taken together these statements can translated to one simple truth.  The CDC is asking people to get on with their lives and ignore what the government has done for the last 2.5 years.  They need you to ignore what they have done because they cannot defend what they have done.

I have news for the CDC and every other government employee that was part of this farce.  I will not ignore and I will not forget what you have done.  What you did was criminal.  Your actions led to the deaths of millions of people.  This will never be over until you are all behind bars.