Modern Journalism exposed by Giggles and Non-answers

I have another video from Davos today that clearly displays what is wrong with modern journalism.


I have written several times about the scourge of fake experts.  Greta Thunberg is the epitome of a fake expert.  Greta is not an expert in climate change.  She is not an expert in anything.  She is a 20 year old high school drop out with mental health issues.  Greta thinks she can see CO2 and developed an eating disorder due to her anxiety over climate change.  The only thing Greta should be in Davos for is to consult a psychiatrist.

So how does someone so utterly unqualified become the high priestess of the climate change movement?  Media cooperation, that’s how.  No one in main stream media questions the value of anything Greta says.  Quite the opposite actually, the media is only too eager to broadcast her inane statements as if she had divine insight in to what the earth needs.

This comes across in the video when you consider the stark difference between the independent journalists of rebel news and the main stream “journalists”.  The useful idiots of the climate movement would say that Rebel News was harassing Greta but they were not.  What rebel news was doing was challenging Greta’s credibility, something that should have been done years ago.  In response the main stream media ran to Greta’s defense.  They even answered questions for her!

The Big media “journalists” were clearly upset that their expert could be unmasked as the village idiot she is.  They much prefer to treat Greta as an expert and present her opinions to the public as some sort of scientific proof.  That will be difficult to do if the public realizes how incredibly fake she is; uneducated, unintelligent, and unstable.

Greta is one of the most important fake experts in the media’s stable of fake experts.  Fake experts are the most valuable tool big media journalists have.  Big media cannot help the elite advance their destructive agenda if people stop listening to the fake experts.  Fake experts are the foundation of the media’s house of cards.  It is way past time to question their credibility.